Vol. 5 Num 128 Thu. September 30, 2004  

Sheikh Ishtiaq: Homage to the singer

Today is Sheikh Ishtiaq's 5th death anniversary. On this occasion, Soundtek is releasing a VCD containing 12 of Ishtiaq's popular numbers. A group of new young models have performed in these music videos directed by Ferdous Akik. The album will certainly evoke nostalgia among Ishtiaq's fans. Likewise, the younger generation of music lovers will get a chance to listen to the melodious voice of the late musician.

Ishtiaq's name is well known to listeners of Bangla modern songs during the 1990s. This talented singer and music composer had produced some wonderful numbers that became hits among the lovers of good music.

Merited with some good lyrics and unique tunes, numbers like Neelanjona, Nandita tomar kotha, Ekdin ghum bhenge dekhi, Durer akash kachhey elo, Sriti kenoje shudhu kaday, Jotirmoy, Bhagyer daktar and a few others won the hearts of music lovers. Besides his own songs, Ishtiaq also composed music for several songs of other artistes.

The Culture Desk of The Daily Star pays homage to the musician.