Vol. 5 Num 156 Thu. October 28, 2004  

Ranger Manush comes to the big screen

Salauddin Lavlu, once known only as an actor, is now well-known as a director. In the period from 1996 to 2004, Lavlu has directed eight to nine TV plays such as Gahargachi, Dichakrojaan, Ekjon Aynal Lashkar, Adhuli and Gor. These works have won acclaim and some of them have earned awards.

Take an example: mega serial Ranger Manush, directed by Lavlu. This work, now being aired on ntv, has gained wide scale popularity. Although the serial is slated to end this week, Lavlu is staging a return with a film version of the serial. Masum Reza has written the script and ntv will produce the film. The shooting of the film will begin from February 2005.

How did Lavlu get the idea of making a film on the popular serial Ranger Manush? Lavlu has a ready answer. In his view, Ranger Manush featured the life of rural people. However, as it was shown on a satellite channel, the denizens of the rural areas were unable to watch the serial. If a film is made, he says, everyone will have an access to it. 'Secondly, while the shooting of the serial was on, actor ATM Samsuzzaman advised me to make a film with the story,' he adds.

Although the film will be made commercially, it will not promote vulgarity. 'We will pay emphasis on viewers' enjoyment,' says Lavlu. While the premiere show will be on TV, the film Ranger Manush will be released across the country. Lavlu says, 'My aim is to bring the movie buffs back to the cinema hall.'

About the casting Lavlu says, 'To produce an artistic work, the director should gauge the histrionic skill of an artiste. There are many newcomers in Ranger Manush and even with simple casting the serial has got mass popularity. Most of the artistes from the serial will act in the film and a few artistes will be chosen from the mainstream film.'

Lavlu has his hands full at the moment. He will shortly direct another film Bou, a story by ATM Shamsuzzaman and scripted by Masum Reza. The story too has a rural setting. This will be a full-fledged commercial film. Artists like Reaz, Shabnoor, Moushumi and ATM Samsuzzaman will act in the film. Besides this, Lavlu has plans to direct a serial written by Humayun Ahmed.

'My aim is to bring back the audience to the cinema halls'-Lavlu