Vol. 5 Num 283 Mon. March 14, 2005  

'BSF kills one Bangladeshi every five days'

One Bangladeshi was killed every five days in an average by the BSF, said a human rights report that was disclosed yesterday.

A total of 377 Bangladeshi nationals were killed by Border Security Forces (BSF) in the last five years, an Odhikar report said adding that BSF violated human rights of some 1838 Bangladeshi nationals in the border areas of the country during this time period.

BSF members often killed and kidnapped Bangladeshi farmers without any reason.

A total of 466 people were injured, 467 arrested, 491 kidnapped, 39, including eight children, missing and five women raped by BSF during this time, the report also said.

BSF killed 20, injured 13 and kidnapped 29 Bangladeshis till March 12 in the current year, it pointed out.

A total of 76 people in 2004, 43 in 2003, 105 in 2002, 94 in 2001 and 39 in 2000 were killed by BSF, it said adding,' human rights violation and destruction took place in the recent push-in incidents by BSF'.

Demanding exemplary punishment of the responsible BSF members, Odhikar urged the Indian government to take effective measures to stop such incidents of push-in and human rights violation.