Vol. 5 Num 516 Wed. November 09, 2005  

Nimco introduces certificate course on film direction

National Institute of Mass Communication (Nimco) has introduced a six-month certificate course on film direction. The aim of the course is to create proficient directors and technical crews. The course includes theoretical and practical training on direction, cinematography, editing and others.

"Because of limited quality directors, we don't produce much standard cinema. More than 2500 films have been released in the last 50 years. However, only a few of those movies are up to the mark. Our film industry can take a proper shape, when a good number of standard movies will be released. To achieve that goal, we need more than a handful of quality directors and technical crews. That is why Nimco has taken this initiative," said M Hamid, course director of the programme as well as the director (Training), Nimco.

Hamid adds, "Initially 25 students will be selected for the certificate course. It is just the beginning. We have an elaborate plan. Following this certificate course, we hope to introduce a diploma course on film direction."

Renowned filmmakers of the country like Murshedul Islam, Tanvir Mukammel, Muksedul Bari, Manzar-e Hassin Murad, Shibli Sadik, M Hamid and others are invited as instructors for the course. A good number of foreign experts are also expected to take classes. To quote Hamid, "Nimco has affiliation with Asia Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development (APIBD). They have shown interest to lend us a hand by providing experts from its other associate countries. Moreover, we are communicating with experts from Germany and France."

Besides training the freshers, Nimco will arrange short courses for professionals. Hamid says, "There are many professional directors and technical crews in the country who do not have academic background in filmmaking. We will arrange short courses for them to provide them sound knowledge on filmmaking.

The certificate course will begin from November 22.

Instructors of Nimco at an earlier training session