Vol. 5 Num 533 Sat. November 26, 2005  
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100 BNP leaders will speak out, says Hena

Expelled from the BNP, lawmaker Abu Hena yesterday said about 100 lawmakers and leaders of the ruling party are with him, who will go public against the militants in time.

"Wait, you will see what is going to happen," Abu Hena told journalists at Sonargaon Hotel.

He said his expulsion from the BNP is an injustice to him.

He said sections of the BNP and of Jamaat created the dreaded killer Bangla Bhai and that there is no difference between Motiur Rahman Nijami and Bangla Bhai.

The prime minister will have to be held accountable on the militant issue, he said.

"I only held a minister responsible for the rise of the militancy, not the entire government ...I thought that BNP would take action against him... but, unfortunately, the party expelled me."

"The prime minister expelled me on Jamaat-e-Islami directive," Hena reiterated his suspicion.

He said he had not damage the image of the BNP but the government made the dent itself.

When his attention was drawn to the rumour of his arrest that was spread in the capital yesterday, Hena said, "I am not anxious about this... I'm not a criminal."