Vol. 5 Num 731 Sun. June 18, 2006  

In memoriam
Anwar Parvez no more

Composer of invaluable patriotic songs, Anwar Parvez, who was suffering from cancer, died at the National Heart Foundation, at the early hours of June17.

Parvez had contributed timeless songs, such as Ekbar jetey de na amar chhotto shonar gaye, Amaye jodi proshno koro, Ektara tui desher kotha bol rey, She jey keno elo na, Aul Baul Laloner deshey and many more.

His composition, Jai Bangla Banglar jai was the opening and closing song of the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra during our Liberation War. The inspirational song kept the spirits high at the camps. At the age of 27, Parvez had composed the song for the film Jai Bangla. The song reverberated with the emotional storm that was cloaking the country at that time.

"It was not that the song was composed for any particular party. It was rather composed at a time when people were united under a single banner for a common cause -- independence," said Parvez, in an exclusive interview to The Daily Star, prior to his demise.

"When a composer works with a song, he has to depend on his basic instincts and his 'third eye'. His vision must not only focus on the context of the song, but also on the impact the song would have on the audience. So, when I was asked to compose a tune for the particular film, the first thing I visualised was the half-fed and half-clad people in distress, having lost all hope of livelihood, but still holding dear the hope of independence. And I wanted to create a tune that would re-kindle that hope into an engulfing flame."

Abdul Jabbar and Shahnaz Rahmatullah (Parvez's sister) along with co-artistes lent their voice to the song.

Parvez was also one of the leading names in film music. He had composed songs for several Bangla films such as Abhijan, Madhu Maloti, Shonar Harin, Talalq, Shokal Shandhya and many more. He had never won any major award but his songs hummed by millions, was his greatest reward.

After his illness was diagnosed, renowned artistes and musicians of the country took initiative to raise funds for his medical treatment.

His demise marks an irreparable loss to our cultural arena. The Daily Star extends its condolences to his bereaved family.