Vol. 5 Num 806 Fri. September 01, 2006  

Heart to heart with Bijori-Emon
While at the peak of her career, she tied the knot with music director Shawkat Ali Emon
Emon embarked on his career as a keyboard player. He is now an established music composer and director. He has achieved this position through hard work, and his versatility and prolific musical output make him a popular figure in the music industry. Last year he won laurels for the composition of Closeup1 hit song titled Maa... sung by Rashed (one of the finalists of the Closeup1). He has worked extensively in music studios both in Bangladesh and India.

Bijori and Emon's love affair began
when he saw her at a concert by the band Chime held at Hotel Sheraton in 1989. They met again at a cultural programme held at Shilpakala Academy. Friends and family revel in his dynamic personality and good nature.

He is also known for his simplicity and decency. According to Emon, the happiest moment in his life was when he married Bijori. Even today he speaks affectionately about his wife.

In Emon's words, "Bijori and I have one thing in common. I appreciate her and she does likewise. I am very intense about my love for her. She is a part of me. Or rather, I am her appendage. I would say that our relationship is spiritual. She became a very big influence in my life."

Taking about key elements of his family life, Emon says,
"I am happily committed to my wife. By nature, I am a family person and therefore my first priority is to spend quality time with my daughter. I try my best to be a good father. I suppose the secret to good health is a contented heart. I make it a point to pray to God every day."

Living with Emon, says Bijori, is like living with her best friend.
"There are no barriers between us. I love sharing my experiences and joys with him. Marriage has been an enriching experience for me," says Bijori about the companionship they share.

When asked whether she has really found her soulmate, she says, "My husband and I have a lot of things in common. He is easygoing, patient and compassionate; qualities I admire most. Moreover, he is a patient and kind human being. It's a quality I admire most in whoever I meet. Emon has a basic respect for women and that is quite fascinating for me to see, as his wife."

Talking about the reason for marrying a person from the music profession, Bijori says,
"I just wanted to settle down with someone who was kind, caring, shared similar interest and was intelligent. It didn't matter what he was apart from the fact that he also needed to be self-sufficient. I'm lucky I got just the person I wanted."

When asked how Bijori juggles her career as an actress with home responsibilities, she says,
"I haven't married someone who is from the dark ages! My husband is a very today person, who sees no harm in his wife pursuing a career of her choice. He has never asked me to quit or do any such ridiculous thing. It has been my decision to concentrate on both my home and my career."

by Khalid-Bin-Habib