Vol. 5 Num 1007 Sat. March 31, 2007  
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We got justice, say families of slain judges

Families of assassinated Jhalakathi judges Jagannath Pandey and Sohel Ahmed expressed their happiness about the execution of the killers and their masterminds.

Suicide squad of Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladseh (JMB) killed the two judges on November 14, 2005 in front of their quarters in Jhalakathi.

"I am delighted that we got justice in a relatvely short time," said Sohel Ahmed's wife Farhana Kanta, now an employee of Dhaka University.

Kanta said she did not know even the name of any JMB leaders or about their activities as her whole world centred about her family. She sought blessing to properly raise their four and a half-year-old son Iftekhar Ahmed.

"I am happy that at least we got justice. I wish no further occurrence of such incidence in this country," said Kanta's father AKM Mohsin, a former college teacher.

Our Barisal correspondent reports: When the media people rushed to the house of Pallabi Pandey Rita, wife of Jagannath Pandey at first seemed hesitant to give any formal interview in fear of retaliation of the JMB cadres.

Pallabi Pandey, an UCBL officer now staying at her father's city residence with only child Shreshtho Pandey Orghya, said she came to know of the execution of the JMB terrorists from her uncle Manik Mukherjee at about 7:30am yesterday.

Then they offered flowers at the Photo of Jagannath Pandey.

"We were sure the killers and their mastermind would be executed, but did not think that it would be so early and sudden," she said.

Thanking the government and people of the country, Pallabi said, "I am happy that killers of my husband got punishment. But many other widows may not receive such happiness. Even punishment of the killers of the parents, brothers, sisters and other family members of former prime minister Sheikh Hasina is yet to be executed."

"We do not want that any father loses his son, wife her husband, child his or her father in such a way," said Pallabi's father Mukul Mukharjee.

We would be more satisfied if the executions were carried out publicly at the killing ground of the judges or the victims' family members were allowed to be present in front of the gallows at the time of execution.

Jagannath Pandey's family members arranged religious rituals at the cremation ground and hoped that the victims' souls would now rest in peace as their killers have been punished.

The relatives of those who were killed on the Gazipur Court premises on November 29 and December 1, 2005 at the suicidal bomb blasts at last found some reasons to be satisfied after the execution of six JMB leaders, reports our Gazipur correspondent.

At the same time they expressed their grievance as the 'godfathers' of the criminals are yet to be netted.

Ten people including lawyers Amjad Hossain, Anwarul Azam, Golam Farook and Mohammad Nurul Huda were killed and around 200 people injured in Gazipur blasts.

"I had been waiting for this day for the last one and a half years. However, I expected their death to be as painful as that of my husband," said ailing Fatema Begum, wife of advocate Amjad Hossain.

Talking to The Daily Star at her house, she thanked the caretaker government and said at one stage she had given up the hope of getting justice due to the the immediate past government's 'bid to protect' the militants.

Sharifa Begum, mother of advocate Anwarul Azam, expressed her satisfaction that the criminals have been punished in the month when the Liberation War began.

Nurul Huda's sister Nurjahan, however, could not be fully happy as "The militants' patrons are yet to be captured."