Vol. 5 Num 1112 Tue. July 17, 2007  
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Moments before the arrest

"Can I use my phone?" Hasina asked as members of the joint forces entered her room on the first floor of Sudha Sadhan at around 6:00am.

Getting a positive reply, she picked up her mobile and starting making a few calls to her son Joy, AL leader Sahara Khatun and few others. The last person she called was Law Adviser Barrister Mainul Husein.

"This is not a good thing you are doing," a member of the joint forces quoted Hasina to have told Mainul. "I will soon come out free. And then none will be spared. Not even you."

She reportedly told Mainul that in the past he had visited her for help, and he would do so in the future as well.

As soon as her conversation with Mainul was over, the joint forces members seized her cellphone.

"Hasina appeared to be confident and was prepared for the arrest," said the member of the joint forces.

When the law enforcers entered her residence at around 5:00am, Hasina was saying her prayers on the first floor. She asked her staff to tell the law enforcers to stay on the ground floor.

After some time, when a few of the officers went upstairs to meet her Hasina became agitated.

"What so many of you have come here to take me away?" she questioned. "Why are you here? Do you carry any warrant?"

The next moment she calmed down and asked the law enforcers if they would like to have breakfast. She then gave them tea and biscuit, and then she went inside her bedroom to get ready.

When she came down the stairs, Hasina stopped in front of her staff's room where her personal aides had gathered.

"Don't loose heart and patience," she told them. "Truth will prevail."