Vol. 5 Num 1112 Tue. July 17, 2007  
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Her statement to party men before arrest

Awami League (AL) President and former prime minister Sheikh Hasina, in her pre-arrest statement yesterday, urged the countrymen and the leaders and workers of her party not to lose moral strength and stand against injustice.

"Wherever you are, stand against injustice. Truth will ultimately prevail. I am with you and I will remain with you until my death," she said in the statement.

"Whatever consequence falls on me, you carry on the struggle for realising the rights of the people of Bangladesh. Victory of the people is a must," said the former prime minister in her own hand-written statement.

"I have struggled for realisation of people's democratic rights and economic freedom. I never committed any wrongdoing in my life," Hasina said.

Nevertheless, she regretted, "false" cases have been filed against her. "I keep my trust in Allah and the people of this country."