Vol. 5 Num 1112 Tue. July 17, 2007  
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Hasina's arrest welcomed

Sadek Siddique, one of the initiators of a new political party, coming out from sickbed led a procession yesterday under police protection welcoming the arrest of former prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

Sadek, a former leader of Jatiya Party (Ershad) who later joined JP-Manju, also formed a platform namely "Jagrata Janata" yesterday to celebrate Hasina's arrest.

He returned to the sickbed at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University after attending the procession.

Amidst the state of emergency, the newly formed platform brought out separate processions at Muktangon, Mohakhali and Mirpur-10 in the capital under police protection and distributed sweet meets that perplexed the mass people.

One of such procession was brought out from Mohakhali patrol pump and ended at Titumir College. Sweetmeat was distributed among the participants afterwards, sources said.

Addressing the rallies, the speakers said both Hasina and Khaleda have pushed the country on the verge of destruction.

They also demanded exemplary punishment to Hasina and immediate arrest of Khaleda.

"Though I am sick now, I arranged the processions for the sake of the country and the nation," Sadek said adding that law enforcers' patrol vehicles were ahead and behind their processions.