Vol. 5 Num 638 Wed. March 15, 2006  

Falguni on daughter Tonima

Quite a few celebrity offspring have made it big on the small screen. In their ranks is Tonima Hamid, daughter of M Hamid and Falguni Hamid, who has made a mark in stage and TV plays. M Hamid is a theatre and TV personality and Falguni Hamid is a playwright, director and producer. Falguni is a key person in a production house named Epic. As an active member of Natyachakra, Falguni regularly performs in stage plays. Recently she has emerged as a filmmaker.

Tonima Hamid is now busy with seven mega serials, four 52-episode plays, tele-films and some single episode plays. Besides, she is a regular performer in stage plays produced by Natyachakra.

However, at the early stage, Tonima faced several obstacles. To quote the young actor, "Inspired by my parents, especially my mother, I ventured into acting. My parents always insisted that I give priority to education. But, I was insistent about being cast in plays selected by my parents. Today I am a regular actress on stage and TV."

Falguni explains her initial reservations about Tomina's passion for acting. In her words, "At first, we did not want her (Tonima) to take acting as a career. When she was a young girl, as a hobby she performed in a few stage plays produced by Natyachakra. Her first performance in a TV play was in Circuit Houser Shei Raat. The play, aired on BTV in 1999, was written by me and directed by Nuruzzaman Sheikh. However, our aspiration was that she focus on her studies and become a barrister. Seeing her passion for acting, we had to make compromises. Nowadays, we encourage her in the choice she has made."

Commenting on the histrionic potential of her daughter, Falguni says "Acting is her forte. She is a versatile artiste. However, she is a little capricious. I think she should be more serious, particularly in the case of make up and costumes, as she has chosen acting as her career. Moreover, she should be more selective."

Tonima has the last word: "I value the suggestions from my parents. While I often take their advice, I have an independent style of acting."

Falguni Hamid(L), Tonima Hamid(R)