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Publish: March 17, 2013

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Credible 1Oth parliamentary election is crucial

The 10th parliamentary election in Bangladesh will  hopefully be arranged either in the last quarter of 2013 or in early 2014. Major stakeholders such as political parties and Election Commission (EC) are now taking preparations from their own perspectives for

Politicians’ pledges and voters’ aspirations

It has very often been said that the 20th century was the century of the common man. As one looks around, one wonders whether the common man in the past century was more a victim than a beneficiary. Nonetheless, the

15th Amendment

Transition of power

The 15th amendment of the Bangladesh constitution is perhaps the most debatable one in the post democratic era that follows the 1990 public upsurge against autocracy. The often pronounced justifications offered for this amendment is the ‘needs’ for returning to

Through smooth and rough caretaker terrain . . .

Let us be frank about the whole issue. The caretaker system of government is an idea which continues to arouse the most passionate of responses from people across the spectrum in Bangladesh. There are those who believe, and for very

Illusions of democracy

Illusions haunt democracies that do not work. Dysfunctional democracies subvert open societies and use the democratic structure as a façade for rule by a coterie. In consequence it becomes a sanctuary for covert dictatorship of a person, a group or

Election as a process for recruiting executives

Dr. Saadat Husain

Executive’s is a professional job: management of human, material and financial resources in order to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Chief executive’s job is particularly management intensive. He is expected to have some expertise in management built on professional

The fallacy of overconfidence and lessons unlearnt

Many coin the number 13 as “Unlucky” and it is not uncommon that some people tend to avoid special occasions like marriage and inauguration ceremonies etc. being held on the 13th day of the month. As Bangladesh celebrates the 42nd

Which way towards free, fair and meaningful elections?

Article 11 of Bangladesh Constitution states that “The Republic shall be a democracy…” Democracy invariably requires the consent of the people, obtained through elections. Thus, elections are very essential initial steps for democracy, although they are not the only steps.

Our continuing struggle for a working democracy

WE have celebrated the 40th anniversary of our independence. This was achieved through a long struggle and a liberation war in which countless lives were sacrificed. What was achieved was the result of healthy and pro-people politics and dedicated political

The challenge before the Election Commission

During the last two decades parliamentary elections have assumed significant dimensions in Bangladesh. They have been notably different (except the controversial 6th parliamentary elections held on February 15, 1996) from those of the past in substance and quality. All these

Its meaning, attributes and limit

Independence of Bangladesh Election Commission

The scrapping of all provisions relating to the non-party caretaker government for the conduct of Jatiya Sangshad elections has raised a storm of protest by the opposition political parties. The ruling Alliance has taken the firm position that the caretaker

Electoral Challenges in Bangladesh

The choice between the unpalatable and disastrous

Elections are not mere rituals in democratic societies; they constitute the very essence of democracy. Any attempt to manipulate election is an attack on democracy. As the American statesman John Adams said, “We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we