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Publish: March 21, 2013

Enterprise, Education, Foreign Policy and Leadership

Taking the economy forward: Chamber leaders speak out

With the eruption of political violence, the confidence of the business people has started eroding. The productivity in the factories, distribution of goods in local markets and shipments of exportable goods have already faced a severe crisis due to frequent

Computer science education and research

Formal degree courses in computers started at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 1984 through the opening of the Department of Computer Engineering. Initially postgraduate degrees and later on programmes for undergraduate degrees started. It was not known how

Education policy 2O1O: Keeping the promise

A new National Education Policy was announced by the government in June 2010. It had the potential of initiating a process of much needed reform in the educational system of the country. In over two years since the policy was

Making a university world class

Teachers, through their teaching, can a change human life. Since higher education deals essentially with knowledge, the change is knowledge-focused. The expected change is qualitative, and for both individual and social betterment. Through such change, teachers make human beings more

For more mid-level technicians

Policies and legislation The ministry of education has the overall responsibility of making policy decisions for all education including TVET. Other ministries and organizations like ministry of Agriculture, ministry of health, ministry of labour and employment, ministry of textile, ministry

A new initiative through a Public Private Partnership

With critical shortage of health workers globally, community health workers (CHWs) are deemed essential to serve as a link between the rural community and the formal health system. The government of Bangladesh (GoB) strives to ensure equitable and quality health

Bangladesh foreign policy: Breaking new grounds

It is said that in the ultimate analysis foreign policy and Diplomacy of a country are extensions of its domestic policy and structure. Before dwelling on the possibilities of breaking new grounds on Bangladesh’s foreign policy and diplomacy  it is,

Shifting underpinnings of foreign relations

Foreign policy is one of the principal instruments adopted by a government to serve a sovereign state’s national interests. It is a composite set of plan and strategy of a state in its interaction with other sovereign states and determines

The leadership question

Leaders are born or not…? In an article published in the Daily Star there was a detailed discussion on whether leadership is a born quality or, is it entirely dependent on the environment where one lives and grows.  It said

In search of the golden nugget – good governance!

It is a well known fact that  six of the world’s most attractive destinations for immigrants lie in North America and Europe. Yet the four countries from where most immigrants come only to the US  are Mexico, China, the Philippines 

Is Bangladesh ready for nuclear power?

There is no denying the fact that Bangladesh suffers perennially from acute shortage of energy in domestic, industrial, agricultural and other sectors. All governments, right from the inception of Bangladesh, promised but invariably failed to tackle energy shortages, but that

Biotechnology and genetic engineering

Biotechnology, a technology that is being used from time immemorial, has gained immense speed in research and discovery with the advent of genetic engineering in the 1970s. This again manifested itself through discovery of restriction enzymes, one type of molecular

The new media: The state of culture and values

If culture is an abstraction from behaviour, then, as and when behaviour patterns change in a given society, so will cultural norms perforce transform, modify, or adjust to reflect that reality. Increasingly, in a world being rapidly transformed into a