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Publish: February 21, 2013

Contemporary Bengali language

The richest and the most outstanding Language Family in the world is the Indo-European (IE). A large number of people of Europe, Middle East and even the Southeast Asia use the different branches of this Language Family. Indo-Aryan (IA) is

Sociolinguistic approach to Bangladesh Constitution

The UN Charter of Human Rights has a developmental history since 1948. Although it was traced back to the zenith of the Greek civilisation by historians of human rights, our main concern here is the UN charter and its reflection

Science and technology and assimilation of foreign words

Our 21st February has now made place beyond our borders and has become a pride for the whole world. UNESCO has recognised 21st February as International Mother Language Day to honour sacrifices made by the youth of our nation for


In defence of cultural identity

Every year, we take a step back to remember those who laid down their lives on the fateful day of February 21, 1952 to defend and uphold our mother tongue and establish it as state language. These young men took

‘Je Bhasha Amar Áapon’

‘Language is the soul of nationalism’

These are quotes from individuals I have debated with; asked questions. Yes, we have heard such sentiments many times. And yet, in context of the Language Movement, there is the history, the finesse captured in the terms ápon and ‘nationalism’

Ekushey, a tale of the soul

Rashtro Bhasha Bangla Chai … Rashtro Bhasha Bangla Chai (we want Bangla to be the state language), the sonorous emphatic slogan literally ripped the air around us, then children with little comprehension of the enormity of what was unfolding. Mesmerized

Reflections on a contemporary phenomenon

In a true sense, language speaks us. Since language is culturally located in human relationships, it is inherently salient to social action. It can also, and usually does, perform a political role in reinforcing and challenging power.  Both these aspects

Two more deaths

The only train that fared to Bahadurabad from Narayanganj lingered for only two minutes. Nothing was visible in the dark night. The slight hint of light seeping out from the cracks of the station-quarter left me dazzled, and the feeling

Our language our pride: A wider perspective

Every year 21st February comes with its own glory and grief that touches every Bengali speaking person especially Bangladeshis as the magic seed was sown six decades ago on this very day to give birth to a new nation, today’s


The fast disappearing fineness in ‘Bangla bhasha’

Globally acknowledged 21st February, as the International Mother Language Day, we have now taken upon our shoulders the responsibility to preserve Bangla, as the finest and most polished language worldwide. Not only that, we have to bear in mind the

Ekushey had to happen . . .

Let this be our first point of agreement. Ekushey was the earliest intimation of a rising Bengali nationalism in the state of Pakistan. And that was as it should have been, seeing that by going along with the All-India Muslim

Mother tongue

In nature the Homo sapiens are one group of beings on earth but with a vast range of diversities caused either by the environment or by necessity. This is recognised by the world religions with their claims of being for

Ekushey: A turning point in our history

21ST February, 1952, popularly known as Ekushey, is not just a date in our calendar. It is a part of history written with the blood of the martyrs of our language movement. The history goes back to the creation of