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Publish: June 6, 2013

Violent politics bad for education

Political parties talk about good education, quality education, and they advise students to become good citizens in their speeches in any programs they attend. Yet, time and again they forget that... calling strikes or stopping normal public lives do not promote good education.

Over the last few years number of private universities as well as the number of students enrolled in these universities have increased significantly. Most public universities face disruptions in the academic calendar due to unscheduled closure resulting from political agitations,

Governance of private universities

For the smooth functioning of the private universities, all the stakeholders including the government, the UGC, and other administrative bodies, teachers, and students have their respective role to play.

Establishing higher level educational institutions in the private sector is a daunting task, but implementing effective governance in those institutions is even more challenging, for it takes a long time, a visionary mind, serious commitments, consistency, concerted efforts and finally

Private universities now

The birth of private universities in Bangladesh has passed more than two decades. Now their existence is a visual reality with significantly successful stories in most of the cases and in comparison of performance with public universities.  Now private universities

Academic probation of private university students

This article discusses the factors contributing to academic probation in university settings and highlights the problems that students encounter in higher education institutions in Bangladesh. The article focuses on students facing academic probation at two private universities in Bangladesh and analyzes students' response with respect to nine different factors - difficulty in understanding language, weak communication skills, weak educational background, grading too difficult, involvement with other activities, wrong course selection, lack of seriousness in studies, family problem, and personal problem.

Academic probation serves as a form of punishment to encourage satisfactory student performance, as a method to inform students of the gravity of their academic situation, and a way to identify students who may be at risk for leaving the

Present scenario of private universities
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

Private universities contribute substantially to the higher education sector in Bangladesh. They offer an educational opportunity to qualified students who cannot find seats in the public universities, and who otherwise would go abroad.

The role of a university is to provide quality education in an environment that is safe, proficient, and intellectually stimulating.  This environment should be conducive to learning, teaching, and research, and benefit the students as well as the faculty members.