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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 148 | December 20 , 2009|


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45th DU Convocation
"Biggest Ever"

Shohag Mostafij

THE 45th convocation of Dhaka University, the biggest in its history, took place 0n 12 December 2009 with more than 9,000 graduates and post graduates getting their degrees in an emotionally charged event. President Zillur Rahman, chancellor of Dhaka University, inaugurated the major convocation programme at the university's central sports ground, following the playing of the national anthem. The university conferred honorary degrees to three distinguished academics: Nobel Laureate chemist Prof Yuan T Lee, inventor of the Sono arsenic filter Abul Hussam as well as Indian historian Prof Ranajit Guha. Lee was present at the ceremony to receive his honorary degree. Hussam, an ex- DU student, and Prof Guha could not attend the ceremony. A large number of students received certificates. 4,203 were graduates, 1,328 post graduates and 58 MPhil holders plus 58 PhD holders. The university believes this is the largest convocation in terms of number of graduates along with guests. Dhaka University was established in 1921. Its first convocation was held in 1923.

The graduating students' joy knew no bounds. They joined in rallies, photo sessions, listened to convocation speeches by the speakers. The whole campus had a festive look. Numerous students were found busy taking photos with their long cherished certificate from the Oxford of the East.

The Convocation speaker Nobel laureate Yuan T Lee said scientists should work mutually to spread knowledge to solve the problems of the world with its scarce resources. He also mentioned that we must work collectively as a group of people to find innovative and sustainable ways to live in harmony with nature. Professor Abul Hussam, whose receipt speech was read out at the convocation, has called upon the politicians and academicians to de-politicize academic institutions.

On the average every student lost two years of his life. This has been happening for over 30 years at least. As a result, a huge amount of national resources in the form of money and time is wasted. Hussam said, "I urge the politicians and academicians to undertake the courageous decision to do whatever it takes to de-politicize our academic environment and challenge the young people to perform at their highest potential." He also criticized the authorities for not providing a quality education to the students. "The emergent national problems such as arsenic crisis, water crisis, looming energy crisis, severe environmental crisis, and the rise of preventable diseases in epidemic proportions, and the overall poverty cannot be solved by ill-equipped scientists and technologists," he said. The other speaker's speech was read out which was very informative as well.

There is no denying the fact that ever since its inception, University of Dhaka has been producing the brightest and finest graduates in the country. So those who were the participants of the biggest convocation of DU are expected to take necessary preparations with a view to building the nation towards growth, prosperity and above all achieving universal recognition as a self sufficient democratic nation. Becoming a contributing member of the society should be the resolution of the fresh graduates of the Oxford of the east.

(The writer is student of MBA Stream-Strategic & International Management (SIM), University of Dhaka)

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