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The wait is over. The much-awaited book, Looks by celebrated make-up artist Farzana Shakil is finally out and on the racks. The inauguration ceremony took place at the Sheraton Winter Garden on Thursday June 23, 2005 and four hundred guests comprising of Dhaka's elite, TV stars, movie icons, fashion designers and the press came to bless the book.

The event was partnered by Pantene Pro-V and organised by Jet Set PR. The show began with Shakil Kasem saying a few words. Shakil Kasem, the publisher of the book is none other than Farzana Shakil's husband. He said that a lot of care went into writing the book. And equal care went into editing, designing and publishing it. He thanked all the people involved in making the book and called upon their children Saadat and Sadaf Kasem to unveil the book. Kasem then explained that the first segment of the event would be a critique of the book. And to critique it he invited advertising guru Geeteara Safiya Chowdhury, designer Maheen Khan, make-up artist Sadia Moyeen and Dhaka University Professor Tasneem Siddiqui to join him on stage.

Each of the four panelists had read the book and was highly satisfied with its content, layout and overall presence. Geeteara Chowdhury began the discussion, reading sections from the book that she found particularly captivating. Maheen Khan spoke of the influences on today's Bangladeshi society and how the book would help. Sadia Moyeen, in her brief speech, thanked Shakil for coming up with such a book and Dr. Tasneem Siddiqui said that Shakil had now joined the list among a line of Bangladeshi pioneering women. As the panelist discussion ended, Farzana Shakil got up and thanked everyone for coming, including those who had helped in making the book a reality.

The second segment was a fashion show that highlighted Farzana Shakil's mastery at make up. The outfits for the show were provided by designer Emdad Haque and Anjum Bari of the Fashion Institute of Design and Farzana Shakil's dear friend Dora Alamgir.

The show began with the diva looks of Bangladeshi films. Each model represented an actress from a certain era of Bangla films and the accompanying music was from films the divas had performed in. They started off with Shumita Devi, moved onto Sujata followed by Shuchonda, Kobori and finally Shabana and Bobita. This segment was Shakil's way of paying tribute to the queens of Bangla cinema. She wanted to recreate the famous looks that captured millions of hearts. She believes that their presence enriched the film industry between the 50's and the 80's and their acting skills still reign in our memories. Thus she wanted to acknowledge these hardworking yet elegant ladies.

The second portion consisted of the high fashion look where Shakil worked her charms on a male model as well. The outfits were innovative, designed with materials such as aluminium foil, jute, tie-dyed fabric, dry flowers and tribal fabrics.

The era look was third in line and started off with the 1940's. As each model stepped on to the stage, the chosen eras in vogue look was briefly described. The looks in this segment ranged from the pencil thin eyebrows of the forties, the bouffant from the fifties, the hippy look of the seventies, the Farah Fawcett glam of the eighties to the simplistic radiance of the millennium.

The last segment of the show was the highly anticipated bridal make up segment. Shakil worked her magic on eight female models and a ninth male. All the women stepped out decked in bridal wear, each with a different look. Some had the traditional shy Bangali bride air while others reflected the glamorous look of brides in films.

This fashion show was truly one of a kind because it showcased looks, not clothes and thus no model could be used twice. Hence it probably had the largest number of models ever used in a fashion show in town. As the fashion show ended the audience clapped with gusto, making their appreciation for Shakil's work known.

The event, which the audience agreed was highly entertaining and successful, marked the birth of a new chapter in Bangladesh's glam industry. And for that we raise our glasses to Farzana Shakil for coming out with Looks.

The book is available in all etcetera outlets in town.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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