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Shop Special

The 'Source' of it all

When they first pioneered and came out with handmade paper, the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) was almost a non-entity. Their store, called Source, opened in the June of 1985. But the store went quite unknown for years sitting in a house with a tiny signboard at Asad Gate.

Yet now, over the last few years, Source has gone through a complete facelift and now the store looks more inviting than ever. And the store definitely has more ware to offer. But even today, after twenty years of staying in business their highest selling product is still their handmade paper that starts from a measly Tk10 for a full sheet and goes all the way up to Tk 45. Their innovative product is a direct manipulation of products such as jute, water hyacinth, pineapple leaves and banana leaves among other things. A customer can even place a special order for a certain type of paper but it has to be for 500 sheets at least.

Apart from paper the store has loads to offer. They showcase products made by the Garo Tribe that include artistically crafted "dicca" pots, pin on fabrics and bags made out of tribal weaves. They also sell jute bags, toys, stationery holders, trays and hanging ornaments.

Recently they have had new additions to their line of products. Now they sell batik fabrics by yard and even dyed curtains. Not to get stuck in a rut, they have used their paper in tri-fold room dividing screens as well.

All their products are made at several different project sites all over Bangladesh. And all their product designers are graduates of the Institute of Fine Arts. An NGO-based store, even though they predominantly export, Source is still very interested in promoting their products locally.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Source. Their address?
1/1 Block-A Asad Gate Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Shop Talk

Multi-purpose hair iron
Envious of Paris Hilton's stick straight locks? Curious about how she gets those occasional crimps only in sections of her shining tresses? Well the answer to the mystery comes in two simple words: hair iron. Now don't go experimenting with a cloth iron. Those are for amateurs. Now you can get the professional look right at home simply by buying a hair iron. The Chinese company Guangming has a three-in-one hair iron that comes with three copper plates. One plate is flat and makes your hair stick straight and silky. The second plate has narrow ridges on it if you are more interested in a perm-look. And the third plate has big flat ridges for a wavier look. Even though these plates style the hair temporarily, it's more cost-effective than going to a salon. Available at Ruma (392/22 Hussainia Market, 1fl, Gausia) this hair iron costs Tk. 1800.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub
If your face wash is not living up to its claims of cleansing and revival, maybe it's time you switch to a face scrub. What's the difference you ask? Face scrubs have an added element: tiny granules that literally scrub your face (albeit gently) and get rid of dirt, dead skin and oil. St. Ives Apricot Scrub is an excellent brand and while other brands make claims, St. Ives users have vouched for its effectiveness. It also helps reduce acne and blackheads. A 170g tube lasts a long time. Available at Fancy (392/20 Hussainia Market, Gausia), this scrub costs Tk. 170.

Hair treatment cream
Gentlemen if you are at a fix with your rough split ended fringe, rest assured there is a hair treatment product for you too. Gatsby Treatment Hair Cream or rather Gatsby THC is a cream that nourishes men's hair. It has Pearl Protein that keep hair fresh and clean and Rice Germ Oil that gives your hair a natural shine without the stickiness. This Japanese product comes in a 130g jar and costs Tk. 130. Available at Almas General Store (Dhanmondi 5, Mirpur Road).

Electric Shaver
Are you a busy workaholic who barely gets time to shave in the morning? Do you dislike the whole process of lathering, setting and then shaving off that stubble? Well then don't! Instead get yourself an electric shaver. Electric shavers are fast, timesaving and hassle free. They are also small and portable allowing you to carry it anywhere. Think! You didn't get time to shave this morning. You have an important client to impress. What do you do? You take your shaver to the office, slip into the bathroom and plug it in. Voila! In a couple of minutes you're all cleaned up. That was just the trailer. To make it come true get an Electric Shaver. They are available at Diba Moni ((392/9 Hussainia Market, Gausia) and cost Tk. 1300.

Nail Strengtheners
If you are into painting your nails be warned that constant use causes your nails to weaken. Nail polish manufacturers discovered the same fact and thus to keep your interest renewed they came up with nail strengtheners. This clear product is applied in the same manner as polish. The difference is that it helps to strengthen your nails. Maybelline Infinite Shine is an ideal strengthener that works both as a base for extended wear and also as a topcoat for when you are applying coloured polish. A 14.7ml bottle costs Tk. 250 and is available at Priyo ((Dhanmondi 5, Mirpur Road).

Revlon compact
The best way to conceal moisturiser-laden greasy skin is to apply a dab of compact powder before you go out. Revlon's compact blends in well with the skin and gives an even, smooth finish. You may find shades that will match the different skin tones of Bangalees. For example, 'Matte glow' is good for those with darker skin tones, whereas the 'Gold glow' suits those with a creamier, yellow based complexion. Revlon compacts are widely available at all Almas outlets, and will cost around Tk 300.

Ceramic lockets
These are unusual, quite unlike your regular run-of-the-mill terracotta jewellery that you find at handicraft stores in general. The designs are trendy, not traditional, and these have a beautiful glazed finish. They come in all shapes and sizes, and colours. For example, you may find an oval shaped aquamarine blue locket with a combination of beaten gold edges, or chunky, square shaped ones with carvings in the middle, in hues of melon, yellow and so on. Prices for these are Tk 40 each, and are available at Clay Image, Sunrise Plaza.

Garnier Ultra Doux Conditioner
If your hair has turned into a haystack at the end of a long, smoke and grime-ridden day, your precious locks need nourishment. The Garnier Fructis line seems to be an all time rage with many women, but Ultra Doux conditioners for normal, dry and coloured hair are equally good. These are available in most of the stores, including Navan Tower in Gulshan 1. The 'Wheatgerm extract' works well for dry hair, while the 'Fig and Rose oil' extract is excellent for coloured tresses. These conditioners are priced at Tk180 per bottle.

By Riyana and Rubaiyat Khan

After four long years of operation Star Lifestyle steps into its fifth year with fresh ideas and renewed vigor. It is indeed an exciting time for all of us here, who are involved in the day to day operations that is a part of making this magazine. But ultimately it is you- the readers who complete the cycle. Therefore we feel that a heartfelt thank you is in order. Also to the advertisers for continuing with their advertisements and playing their part in making this magazine a success story.



Life is unpredictable. You can never tell when there is a tragedy waiting just around the corner; ill health, the loss of a friend, the end of a cherished relationship. Unfortunately, while you're left feeling like the carpet has been pulled out from under your feet, the rest of the world moves on, and expects you to move on with it. Especially at work, people may be sympathetic at first, but as days pass and you fail to bounce back, this sympathy is replaced with annoyance, and may even end in a dismissal. Don't let a crisis crash your career. Here's how to cope.

Who needs to know?
Your boss for one, and also your closest colleagues and immediate associates. Even if the nature of your problem is such that you don't want to share the details, it's best to lay the cards on the table, and explain the bare bones to them. They need to know whether you plan to go on leave, or cut down on working hours.

Rehearse what you'll be telling your co-workers. Even if you're going through a crisis, people at work will be looking towards their end, and you'll be expected to 'deliver the goods.' Anticipate questions and statements of concern and plan out a strategy for answering them so that everyone can reach a consensus on a suitable arrangement that allows you to deal with your problems without leaving your boss and colleagues in the lurch.

Work it out
Sometimes, it's okay to lose yourself in work. Of course, it depends on the nature of your situation, but in many cases, studies have shown that work provides a useful vent to channel out your frustrations, especially if it's something you're used to. It focuses your attention on something that you're good at doing, and takes your mind off personal stress, allowing you to cope better.

Look for emotional support outside the workplace
Let's face it. Colleagues might be sympathetic, but at the end of the day, they're usually only people you work with, and haven't we all heard about not blurring the lines between the professional and the personal? So when it comes to looking for a shoulder to cry on, turn to friends and family instead.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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