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february in retro

The second month of the sixth year of the new millennium bought with it a medley of festivals for us Bangladeshis that helped us shake off the cobwebs and problems usually associated with the start of a new year.

Spring, that flighty temptress, cast its wings as it fell upon us with all its splendour bringing with it the beautiful sunshine, the bright greenery and an all around feeling of love.

The later part of February gave way to more serious affairs as the International Mother Language Day was remembered all over the world on the 21st of February. Bangladeshis the country over, expats and people around the world celebrated the day when a few brave men fought to speak what we now recognize as the language of the land.

Spring coincided with the international festival of love, the Valentines Day. Some shirk it, others embrace it but what cannot be denied is that it is a day that the collective people of the world choose to make special to make vows of undying devotion to the person they love.

Finally, the early part of February saw the Shia's commemorate their most advertised festival as they took part in Muharram with a panache that belies their usual status.

Star Lifestyle's photographer Munem Wasef, therefore takes all this into account and helps us take a look back through his lenses at the month that was.


-LS Desk



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