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Shop Special

Accessories for your outfits

Adding value to one's dress is probably the 'in' thing at the moment. A look at the outfits worn by modern girls and women show that they are ornamented with intricate and eye-catching works of beads, stones, sequins, ornamental buttons, laces and so much more. Elaborate works of such accessories is also prominent in the designer clothes . Moreover, to add value to your outfit nothing is better than an eye-catching work of beads and sequins or a showy button. The best part of all these decorative items is the ease associated with working with them. You don't need professional training in dress-making in order to create a gorgeous composition of beads and stones on your favourite sari. All that is required is passion for creativity.

Gausia Market is a heaven for those who are looking for accessories for their dresses. Not only stones, beads and buttons, you can also buy threads, laces and ribbons of all kinds and colours from this market. As we browsed the stores of dress accessories, we were amazed by these stores' collection of goods. As we talked to the staff of A. K. Traders (located in Ismail Mansion), the oldest among all, we found out that the recent craze among women is around laces that make rims of a sari. These laces uphold magnificent work of karchuppi, and are available in a wide range of shades and patterns. Imported from Pakistan and India, these laces can change the very look of any sari and are available between tk.650 and tk.1200.

Then there are fashionable laces available to add exquisiteness to your dopattas. Frills and tassels for your dopatta are available within tk.25 to tk.80. Laces made from materials like tissue and kathan are also available between tk.250 and tk.600. The collection of lace in the stores of Gausia would mesmerise anyone. A recent addition to their collection is the Pakistani lace characterised by beads and sequins- each yard of these lovely Pakistani laces will cost you tk.25. Highly user-friendly iron laces are also available for your ease. As the name suggests, these laces can be attached to any textile with the press of an iron- each yard will cost you about tk.120.

As we wandered through the alleys of Gausia Market, we fathomed the popularity of sequins and beads among young girls and women. Sadia, who studies in Dhaka University, said that she prefers beautifying her dresses with sequins because it's economical. Besides, there are hundreds of colours and designs to choose from. In Gausia Market, each 8 gram of sequins will cost you between tk.8 and tk.30. The prices of beads are almost similar.

Showy buttons are also available in gold and silver. With a pretty work of stones on top and charms hanging from the bottom, some of these buttons are sure to compliment your salwar kameez or fotua. Even a simple cotton dress can be made look stunning with beautiful work of sequins or a single decorative button. Iron stones in numerous colours and sizes are also available in the shops of Gausia Market- every 100 stones will cost you within tk.30 to tk.80.

Laces made from metallic threads are also popular nowadays. Sleeves and slits of kameez are now complemented with laces produced from silver or golden thread. Each yard of these gorgeous laces will cost you between tk.15 and tk.30.

Besides A.K. Traders, some of the other popular accessories stores of Gausia Market include Jori House and Al-Amin Jori House. Each day hundreds of girls, women and dress designers crowd in these small outlets to get the best deal for the best materials for their dresses. These shops not only offer the best bargain for stuffs that add beauty and value to your outfit, but also sell things that have the best quality. Most of the things available in these outlets are brought from India, Pakistan, China and Thailand .

Although Gausia market is considered the paradise for clothing accessories like laces, buttons, ribbons, sequins, threads, stones and beads, they are also widely available in the shops of Government New Market, Mouchak Market and other big market places selling material for dresses.

Therefore, to add glamour to the way your outfits look, do step inside the always-jam-packed Gausia Market to obtain excellent deals for dress accessories.

By Wara Karim

Shop Talk

With the snow (!) melting into spring, it is time to unfreeze and thaw out those limbs and get into some sporting action. Sporty gear is certainly in at this time of the year.

Bag those Bags
Bags: big, small, fashionable, casual, no matter what type, are always in. Glittering party bags are available within Tk.750-800. Casual handbags made of cloth can be found for Tk.500-650, while leather bags, being much more long-lasting, range from about Tk.100-1500. School bags and backpacks are available for Tk.550 and sport bags, backpacks and college bags sporting the Diesel logo can be bought for Tk.1200-1400. The best place for bag crazies would definitely be Makame Ibrahim, Cleopatra or Western Focus at Rifles Square or Almas Superstore on Road 8/A (Dhanmondi). Of course if you want to have your fair share of bargaining, then we would definitely recommend the bag corner of New Market and Eastern Plaza to you. For exclusive items visit Arong, Prabartana or Grameen.

When one thinks of summer, one immediately thinks of summer clothes, of which, jeans are most popular. Thinking of jeans, especially in Dhaka, one cannot help but associate them with belts and other such accessories for holding them up, given most young men's insistence on wearing their pants way below the waist line. The saving grace for the mothers of such young men are stores like Western Focus and Waist Engine, where Harley, High Voltage and Diesel belts are in the Tk.900-1000 range, the KISS and Versace range from about Tk.1200 to 1500 and much more await to be discovered. However, if the price ranges in these shops seem like a tight squeeze for you then you can always turn to New Market and Elephant Road shops, which sell many of the original belts at lower prices.

Since the sports season is approaching, many athletes turn to armbands and wristbands, though seldom for injury protection purposes and more often for fashion purposes! You expect to find these at most of the sports stores, but now many small stores in Bashundhara City sell these at nominal price ranges. You can get wristbands for 220 taka and armbands for 250 taka. Archies Gallery and Hallmark also have a fair stock of such accessories.

Football Crazy?
Well then, why not stock up with some cool footballs that you can not only kick around, but can also place on your shelf and admire! And this time go for bright colours instead of the usual white. Why, if the World Cup can be played with a bright yellow ball, then you could also keep some colour variety in your collection! Footballs can be found in Sports World in Gulshan Market. The Adidas ones come in green and white and range from Tk.1500-2500. Nike sports brighter colours like yellow and blue and these are available for about Tk.2500. You can also take a look at the brand stores like Reebok and Nike, if you want the best of the best. Other places where you can get footballs for cheaper rates are Body and Sports and Shop 21 in Panthapath and of course in the Stadium Market, the nucleus of all sports accessories.

By Nusrat Khandker

On the cover

Fasten your seatbelt, folks. This week, we've got eye candy for all you motor-maniacs out there as we take a close look at the Volkswagen Beetle.
Photos: Amirul Rajiv


Ever wonder what life would be like without those silent companions of ours? Ever wonder what it would feel like to come home from work, all stressed out, and not have some one come up to you and cuddle next to you? Ever wonder what it would be like to never have to make any excuses or give any explanations for any misdeeds and, foremost, to never have any expectations to live up to? Sounds like the perfect partner doesn't it? Well, this partner is not absolutely human. The partner in mind happens to be a pet.

Pet Search
If you want a pet now, after having read the enticing introduction, it's time for a visit to Katabon! There one will find a chain of stores, all well stocked with animals of every kind. From fish to birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and even mice, one can find any and all kinds of pets. These stores also provide food for the animals, and all sorts of medicines and pet care products. So after buying your pet, remember to buy ample amounts of food, medicines, bathing products etc, to give your pet the best care possible.

Pet Food
If you have a pet, then it is obvious that you are ready to take up the enormous responsibilities that come with the action. Having pets is not like having children, though most mothers would claim that both make the same amount of mischief. Pets cannot take care of themselves, so do not expect them to. Make sure that you always have enough stock of cat food, dog food, fish food, whatever pet you may procure, so that these loyal friends never go hungry. It's the least you can do for them.

By Rohini Alamgir


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