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Shop Special

A different kind of read…

It is easy to find stores that sell fiction, comics and biographies- stores like Boi Bichitra, Etcetera and Words n Pages which have made commendable business in this line of trade. But the question that many ask is where to find specialised books such as those concerning medicine, law, architecture and so on.

One of the places that offers such books is the Dhaka New Market. If you enter through Gate no. 1, you would stumble upon a long chain of book shops. Eureka Book Store, which has been there for more than 30 years, as the owner reports- specialises in medical books. It stocks almost all medical books available in markets, both foreign and local. Mullic and Brothers also supply books to medical students. In addition, they also provide books for engineering. Similar stores include Book World (which also focuses on the computer and engineering niche), Hafiz Book Store and the ancient Parash Publishers.

One may drop in at New Book Store for law and political science books. For those practicing law rather than studying it, books are available in Aligarh Library. This store also sells books on economics, management and Engineering.

One of the most well-known stores in the Market is Ideal Library. It provides an immense stock of materials in different fields of specialization: architecture, civil engineering, chemistry, accounting , electronics, physics, marketing and economics. Another popular shop is Book Mart that concentrates on "hobby books" and its variety ranges from interior decoration and archaeology to some trendy pastimes like candle-making, ceramics and feng shui. Travelogues and furniture books can be found in Premier Collection.

The Nilkhet Islamia Market is also an undeniable option for specialised books. There are an astounding number of medical books stores. Mentionable are Lamia Books Store, Sonia Book House, Shahriar Boi Ghor and Capital Book Centre. BBA, MBA and the commerce faculty books are available in stalls like Belayet Book Centre, Book Point, Zenia Book House and Modern Book Centre. The two stores, CCB Book Centre and Law Book Pavilion are considered by most law students as the best in the city, offering almost every law book and journal that is needed. Memory Book Centre specialises in books relating to accounting, statistics and management.

The other place to peep in would be the Aziz Co-operative Supermarket. It was once famous for its book stalls, but sadly in recent years other stores have gradually replaced them. Of the few remaining survivors, there are Huq Photostat and ELBS Publishers that sell all sorts of medical books.

By Shahmuddin Siddiky

Shop Talk

The approach (or presence rather) of the summer months can mean only one thing. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings galore! The drawback? Having to find the perfect card or the perfect gift…

The title says it all. The art of giving someone a hand written card on his/her birthday or anniversary has now become a trend unheard of. In this day and age, even our parents prefer to send each other anniversary greetings via E-cards. Therefore people are missing out on the “personal” factor of wishing someone. If it isn't straight from the heart, it isn't worth it, and hand written cards always make it seem more heartfelt than an email. So its time to bring back the trend! Just pop into an Archies or Hallmark store and pick one from their immense collection. All prices lie within the range of Tk.10 (small invitation cards) to Tk. 1250 (those HUGE cards!!).

More Practical Gifts!
Of course, one cannot possibly buy their grandmother a necklace of fake red and pink stones! So in such a case, what options actually are available? Take a look into any gift shop, and you will find Heaven! From bronze or silver plated candle stands, vases and photo frames, to wind chimes, lamp shades, wall-hangings, jewelry boxes and so on, a wide range of choices are available ranging from Tk. 100 Tk. 2750. Strange as it may sound, one can also find glass bottles of preserved fruit at Tk. 550 (special feature of Archies), which are meant to be used as decorations not edibles!

For the Gals (and now, For the Guys too!)
Strange heading? Surely not. Nowadays one can hardly see any young boys without jewellery! With an ear piercing, a bracelet, or heavy chains around their necks and pockets, men have started dominating this once-considered-to-be-women's-domain as well. So if you are thinking of buying presents, there is nothing more suitable than some nice accessories! Within a range of Tk.20 Tk. 850, one can find chains and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles (plastic, metal etc.), wrist bands (Livestrong copies), rings, watches and much more! Available at Almas, Shamshi's Prime Store and any other card and gift store!

By Rohini Alamgir

Pop up
Enjoy being the photographer

Everyone enjoys being the photographer of the family. If you are going be the photographer of your family during occasions you would rather learn some easy steps. Often times, a simple adjustment or two can greatly improve the shot, bringing even more pleasure to the finished photograph.

Flip through your favourite magazines and notice how professional photographers frame their subjects. Grouping a nice collection of objects or people together is one method of creating good content, and isolation of a single subject is another. A group of people standing together can turn out nicely if you ask them to act natural and place them in a natural setting.

The most common mistake amateur photographers make is having too much background that is not related to the subject. By getting a little closer, and/or zooming in on your subject a little, try to isolate your subject from all the surrounding blank walls or chaos.

Lighting is something you must be very aware of in order to take better photographs. Even with the simplest camera equipment, the amount, direction, and quality of light make all the difference between a great photo and a terrible one.

Choosing your angle can make a great deal of difference in the interest of your photography as well. Don't be afraid to move around and see how the view looks from higher, lower, to one side, or even turning your camera for an angular or longwise shot

-LS Desk

On the cover

Glittering glaciers, frozen ice-floes and soaring peaks…this week, we take a trip to a dreamscape few think of visiting. Slide to the centre for the scoop.
Photo credit: Dr Mahboob Ali


In a number of recent surveys conducted around the world, when asked about the biggest turn-off in a potential partner, a large number rated body odour at the top of their list. If this statement makes you cringe and secretly sniff yourself, you've got a problem. Don't let that get you down, though. A few tips should have you smelling sweet in no time.

The causes
The pattern of glands, the type of glands, and the position of glands around the body, all influence body odour. There are three types of secretory glands on the skin. Sweat glands are the most widely distributed and their function is temperature regulation. Sweat has a slightly acrid smell, and body odour is caused when the sweat is trapped by clothes and cannot evaporate easily. There are two other glands, the apocrine and sebaceous glands. Both are odourless, but rich in fat and proteins, all of which make them a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria decomposes the sweat to produce the characteristic body odour.

Do's and Don'ts
The best way to treat the condition is to start from within. Drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water a day, to flush out the chemicals in your body that may contribute to body odour. This particularly applies to people who are on medication of some sorts. This should be complemented by regular exercise. That's right…you want to burn up those fats that would otherwise be secreted by your apocrine glands and act as bacteria breakfast.

Regular baths are a must, three times a day during the summer being essential. If you can't afford to bathe so often, use a wet towel to wipe off the sweat when you start feeling damp. Towel dry, and then follow up with anti-perspirant deodorants or perfumes. Avoid synthetic wear. Use cotton clothes that allow the skin to breathe, and sweat to evaporate. Try and avoid tight-fitting clothes for the same reason.

Finally, avoid hot and crowded places.
If these tips don't work, then your body odour may be a symptom of something else, a more serious condition. In that case, visit a physician as soon as possible.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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