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Dental wise

Dear Dr.Khan
My father has high blood pressure and he needs multiple dental extractions. I have visited several dentists with regard to surgery but none of them have taken up his case because of his high blood pressure. He desperately wants to get rid of the bad teeth that have been causing trouble for years.

How is such a patient to be cared for during dental surgery? Can you help me? Please answer this question with utmost urgency.

Thanking you, Alam sikder, Gulshan

Dear Sikder
Patients with such conditions are usually referred to their cardiologists for opinions on whether they can undergo dental surgery or not. Sometimes medical dosage may be adjusted. I would be glad to be of assistance so please come to the department of dentistry, BIRDEM Hospital, where I believe you will receive proper and safe treatment. In our department we have all the emergency medical instruments needed to combat dental emergencies during surgery.

Hello Dr.Khan,
Thank you for answering my previous questions. I have come back with new queries and hope other readers will be benefited by this answer. I have some confusion with regard to Inlay (new type of laboratory based filling). Could you explain it more elaborately?

Is it possible to stabilise or strengthen loose teeth by means of bone grafting?

Thanking you, James Halder, Farmgate

I apologise for my late reply. To repair damage involving over ½ of the tooth's biting surface, a dentist will often use an inlay or an onlay rather than simple filling or a crown. . You can replace your old silver filling (amalgum) by Inlay.

Inlay is a new type of cast filling which is prepared in laboratories. Inlay is better than silver filling and white composite filling. It is widely use in other countries because of it's strength, excellent shape/anatomy and accurate adaptation. First of all, consider the simple physics of the situation: each bite you take puts up to 900 pounds of pressure per square inch on the surface of the biting tooth.

Over the years, this kind of pressure can easily cause silver amalgam or composite filling to change their shape and contour causing cracks and possibly fractures within the tooth as well. Then, decay can creep into the fracture lines and under the loosened filling. Furthermore, silver amalgam actually expands at an entirely different rate than tooth enamel meaning that it's only a matter of time before the filling's changing shape fractures the underlying tooth. However, inlay is not susceptible to these problems. You will be happy to know that we recently introduced inlay in Bangladesh.

Inlays and onlays are applied in two dental visits. At the first visit, the old filling, or decay, is removed, and the tooth is prepared for the inlay/onlay. The dentist will then make an impression of the tooth, and send this impression to a dental laboratory. This impression will be used by the laboratory to construct, an inlay/onlay that will fit exactly into your tooth. At this time the dentist will place a temporary sealant on your tooth and schedule a second appointment.

At the second visit, the temporary sealant is removed. Your dentist will then ensure that the inlay/onlay fits properly in the tooth. Once correctly fitted, the inlay/onlay is bonded into the tooth with a strong bonding resin, and polished until smooth.

In answer to your last question, yes it is possible to stabilise loose teeth by bone grafting.

Style files

Summer Feet
These never seem to go out of style. Every summer we look at espadrilles from a slightly different angle. This summer they have been elevated to a level higher than ever before. The heel this year sits on a very narrow space and widens to full liberty at the ankles. The surface of the heel is concave and surging, making it very feminine. They come in a great deal of materials, namely cork, hemp, canvas, printed woven, compressed plastic, leather, and wood. Buckled or tied espadrilles have arrived with a bang this summer.

Thongs: Just two straps hold your feet together. Flat almost always, thongs are becoming extremely stylish with an ever more boho lifestyle. It is no longer regarded as just a beach sandal. They are sometimes called flip flops as the name suggests these sandals are casually flip flopping on our feet. However, today these sandals can get very smart, neat, and up market. Embellished with fancy applications, such as shells, beads, metal studs, coins, bells and so on ,thongs these days definitely look more cheery.

Kholapuri's: These sandals originated in Kholapur, a small town in Western India. Their style was quickly picked up by most sandal makers in the sub continent, and today producers in Bangladesh make equally good quality sandals, particularly of this kind. These beautifully crafted sandals are hand made. There are many different kinds of kholapuris. Ideally these sandals come with toe straps and a strap over the arch of your feet making them very comfortable and easy to wear. The souls are stitched together with layers of raw hide, and the straps are plaited and hand woven in pure leather. The stitching styles and the details can make them very special. This hand crafted leather sandal is extremely stylish and belongs to a special and unique category.

Tie ups: As the name suggests these sandals actually come with tied up lace. Extremely popular in the west, and catching on as well here in Bangladesh, tie ups looks best with ankle length or knee length skirts and Capri pants. There are many different styles, but the most popular style is criss crossed lace along the entire surface of the feet and then tied on the ankle. They are also referred to as Greek sandals. This summer tie ups are probably the biggest rage. They come in soft leather, canvas, printed or solid fabric. Wedged, high heeled or flat sandals never looked more laced. The colours this summer are saffron, sunshine yellow, balloon red, and sea green but they look equally good in ivory or white.

Summer feet look best open toed. Make sure your feet are manicured and enameled. Anklets compliment and add interest to your two beauties. You can also use tatoos or black henna to decorate. We are all a little like Imelda Marcos at heart, wouldn't you agree? Every season we pick up the latest styles and end up with pieces that are chucked out on the next. Sandals probably have the shortest life span as an accessory. We love to flaunt the latest pairs now or never.

By the way

To preserve a newspaper clipping, take a large bottle of club soda and add ½ a cup of milk of magnesia, soak the clipping for 20 minutes and let dry. It will last for many years.

Under A Different Sky

By Iffat Nawaz


So I was sitting there…sitting pretty? Not sure…and the train arrived, not mine. Mine was running 50 minutes late, the rule of American trains, the power of monopoly-overcharge and under serve. Yes I have been a victim more often than I want to admit or remember, so when it comes to treating the railway system of America with respect I am not so high on the idea.

So as I was saying, the train arrived, a higher class train that was going to the same destination as mine but because of its better service it charges twice as much. I already think paying $50 for an hour ride is outrageous so there is no way am I going to pay double that just to have the air condition turned up a little higher.

But when the train arrived and the guy in charge looked at me sitting with the most annoyed face he asked me if this was my train. I showed him my ticket, and he looked at me and smiled, and said, “Get in, I wont tell anyone if you won't.” So without promising him that I wouldn't tell anyone I hopped in with my bags and that too in first class. Did I feel guilty? The answer to that will be a capital lettered NO, why should I feel guilty after being underserved and ripped off by this company so many times, I felt like justice was finally arriving.

Anyway, what I didn't realize was, while I got my ways, I also opened myself up to another situation, now I was in a position where I was required to make jolly with the guy in charge who let me get on the train. He was a man in his mid 30s, African American and quite pleasant. So he started talking, about where I was from, and of course he didn't hear of Bangladesh so I spelled it for him and drew him a little map on the napkin he had given me with a bottle of water. He was still pretty clueless. So he decided to keep calling me Indian, and my name to him was of course not Iffat but Iffy.

So we spoke about DC, the diversity that exists, the non-diversity that exists and he danced around questions to find out if I was available to go on a date, and when he found out I wasn't he finally said, “Now what does your kind have against ours?” I obviously had to come back with a “what do you mean, that's absurd!” stance. He told me how finding a brown skin girl being an African American is so much tougher, and how most brown skin women either settle for their own kind or the Caucasians. The whities is what he called them.

I couldn't deny the accusation completely, yes generally you see more of a brown/white couple than you see brown/black, but there are many interracial African American and Indian couples out there. So he asked me, if my claims were true, where he could go to meet good Indian women, not the westernized kind but the good fresh off the boat kind. Apparently he craved for good Indian values and beauty; he even considered going back to India to find a bride a few times. All I could do was smile at him, and also suggested he watch Mississippi Masala to feel better. There was really not much advice I could give him, he had more insights for me than I had for him.

When I walked out of the train, I could only leave with a smile, proud of our brown skin, and also realizing how so many people around the world are really the same in the core, no matter how much we point fingers at our Bengali men for wanting the goody two shoes beauty from the east, it's not just their dream, but the dream of a million more…

Perhaps the grass will stop being greener on the other side of the river someday soon, and all we will have to play with is brown, black and white…


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