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Hi Sadia,
I am 19 yrs old. I have pimples and some of them left marks on my face. How can I get rid of them quickly? Please help me.

Dear Tak,
If you allow pimples to heal instead of destroying them by puncturing or squeezing they will not leave any marks. To avoid pimples wash your face with powdered massor dal and lemon juice. Apply to your face, keep it on for 15-20 minutes and gently scrub off after wetting the mask again. Existing pimples will dry up with the use of clove cream applied on them directly every night. Use Margo soap to wash your face if it is prone to oil and acne.

Hey Sadia!
I am a teenager and am having some problems with my hair. My hair is rough and frizzy and it is not straight. I want to get it re-bonded but my mom is really worried about my hair. Please advise me on what I should do and whether I should re-bond or not. If yes, where should I get it done?

Dear Worried,
Is your hair frizzy and dry because of over use of any chemicals or is it naturally that way? You can consider re-bonding your hair if your hair is not damaged or over processed. You will have to take good care of your hair post re-bonding by opting for conditioning treatments and oil massages. There are several good salons in Gulshan and you are welcome to La Belle. Results at Ban Thai and Total Care in Banani are good too.

Dear Sadia,
I am a 21 year old male and I am experiencing tremendous hair loss. I have used many brands of shampoo like Pantene, Garnier, Head & Shoulders and L'Oreal. None of it had any effect except reducing my hair to half within 3 years. I have also consulted doctors and followed their lines treatment but that didn't work either. I wanted to ask you if it would be possible for me come to La Belle.

Dear Worried,
Hair loss is hereditary; if there's early baldness in the family then you're in trouble. If not and this is just a phase then there are a few things you could try. Use a mild shampoo like Timotei or Johnson's to wash your hair and don't experiment with too many shampoos. Always wash your hair with cool water once or twice a week, not everyday. Weekly have a very gentle oil massage using your finger tips in a circular movement to improve circulation to the scalp. Also apply the following pack:
I tbsp yoghurt
1 tsp onion juice
1 tsp methi powder
1 tsp fresh amla paste.

Dear Sadia,
I'm an 18 year old male and my problem is with dark circles under my eyes. I want to use under-eye cream, but I heard it is not effective and can be harmful as well. Is this true? If not, could you recommend a particular brand of cream? If I use grated cucumber, how long do I have to apply it to my eyes (I hear 10-15 minutes per day is enough)? And once the dark circles disappear, do I still have to use it? Thanks, and do keep up the terrific work in your column!

Dear Reader,
Go ahead and try fade out cream for the under eye, as well as grated cucumber everyday for 10-15 minutes. Body Shop also has a very good under eye gel. You should be able to get it at Almas or Priyo. But that will not match the freshness the cucumber will give you.

Hi Sadia!
I am 16 years old and acne is driving me crazy! For the last year I have been using Neutrogena face wash twice a day but I cannot observe any major improvements. What should I do to get rid of it quickly??
Also, I am experiencing rapid hair loss. Although this might sound awkward, I still use Johnson's Baby shampoo thrice a week. I still have thick hair but I don't want to get bald by the time I am 40!
Thank you.

Dear Sakeef,
Acne can be very disturbing but if dealt with patiently you can get rid of it. Though Neutrogena face wash is a good product it has not worked for you so switch to Margo neem soap to wash your face. La Belle offers a clove and aloe vera treatment for acne that you could try as well. Meanwhile put calamine lotion on the spots every night. Use uptan, yoghurt and lemon juice every morning to wash your face.



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