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A Great looking home office says you take your work seriously. Creating the right kind of home office is a fundamental need that every home worker must meet. Anyone can pack all sorts of sophisticated equipment into a space, but making that space efficient and appealing is truly a challenge, as finding an appropriate space is the first place.

This week we are discussing a compact home office, in a 2600sqft apartment situated in Gulshan-1. The client desired a small space for official purposes. So, we surveyed the floor plan and allocated space for utility beside the kitchen and dining area.

The floor was raised by six inches and covered with laminated wood, thus clearly demarcating the office space. The room is situated in a part of this apartment that has relatively poor lighting. So a folding double door section was kept for openness, which gave the total area a more spacious appearance. The geometrically patterned door with glass etching work creates privacy and is still eye-catching. Natural light is also important, so, we kept the window free from furniture, placing white curtains and white sheers for more light.

Electrical requirements need keen considering; an office would demand not only a computer, but also a fax machine, a printer and scanner. We provided all kinds of switches and circuit breakers for these electrical gadgets. We also installed a small window A/C for temperature control. Internet connection also had to be provided, and thus a line was installed.

Furniture is also an important consideration for the small space. We placed an L-shaped table and bookshelves over the table. This space-saving furniture is highly compact, and versatile. The furniture is made of Burma teak board and some Burma teak moulding beat.

Ambient lights were placed in the false ceiling and the illuminative effect of the spot lights on the bookshelves gives the entire space a dramatic look.

The study is this 'corner' and may be used for correspondence, reading or homework. Some studies are purely family entertainment areas for television viewing and reading books. Others are more serious retreats in which to conduct business, for round-the-clock communication and organised storage of books and files. Since it is a private place, this is a corner to display awards and those personal mementos that motivate us to further our goals.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks: Mr. Towhid Nawaz



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