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red allure

Teen age is the reflection of energy, spirit and aesthetic thoughts. This week we describe a young teenager's bedroom.

Our focal point of this room is the colour palette. Living in colour takes us on a journey through the world of colour, enabling us to learn its language and understand how to use it to express our personality and enhance our moods. Every colour has a personality and enhances our moods and affects the space in a different way. So we will discover how families of colour can be used in various situations to create looks and moods.

Working with colour is fun and you should not be afraid to experiment. Colour schemes are not permanent; you can refresh any room simply by repainting a wall, while seasonal colours can be added when you fell like a change. Everyone has a personal choice; there are some colours we like, and some we do not. Today's featured room has a palette of white and red, and belongs to a young girl who loves that combination.

The room is spacious; almost 300sft. We installed a queen-size contemporary wooden bed with fitted mattress. A built-in cabinet was placed, adjusting the bed with clear circulation. We also incorporated a mirror on the cabinet's door.

We selected a triangular wooden floor for ths study. The floor is made of laminated wooden tiles and placed six inches higher than the base floor. The glass top table is placed at the end wall, and a contemporary smart red chair set in front of the table. Here we created a dramatic view. The wall is red; it is the first view when any one enters the room. The room's furniture is wooden and it gives us natural tone. The floor is of light beige porcelain tiles and wooden floor continues in harmony. The walls and ceiling are milk white; only a patch wall is red. White walls can make a room look bright and airy. White creates a fresh clean look, especially if contrasted with warm colour, or natural tones.

We also arranged two corner hogla sofas with wooden handles and red cushions. The most important backdrop of any room is the curtain. We used white heavy fabric for nighttime and maroon red sheers in the front line. Bed dressing is also vital for a room. White bedspreads are always elegant no doubt, but sometimes a bright printed floral bed sheet can create a gorgeous look. Shawls, pillows and cushions look great with their red, maroon colour in the white bed. The white jamdani fabric with red border backdrop is a new addition and a black and white painting looks gorgeous.

So, the room is based upon a white palette with some red to create a warm attraction. The simplicity of white is always eye catching and intriguing, giving a feeling of peace. Further, red also represent our life energy like blood. It creates a warm welcoming mood.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks: Mrs. Kohinoor Sultana



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