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Shop Special

Green Marketing Ltd.- Kitchen cabinets

A clean kitchen is an essential component of healthy, modern living. Traditionally built from wood, kitchen cabinets are slowly being replaced by medium and high density fibre boards. A good number of interior decor companies have now focused their attention to offering made-to-order kitchen designs.

Green Marketing Ltd. is part of Green Group, a fifty-year-old company dedicated to home designing. Green Granite and Marble, a sister concern has been operational for fifteen years and Green Marketing Ltd. has been in production for the last five years. Their products range from doors, furniture, to kitchen cabinets and appliances. Parallel to classical lines made from wooden materials, they have a line built from fibre boards, which offers equal density as wood and also lasts longer with the added benefit of easy maintenance. Green has a six member designer group, which looks into detailing so that space utilization is maximum, with no comprise to the aesthetics of the kitchen. The classical designs have been in demand since introduction; its timeless appeal lies in the clever matching of natural wood textures, glass doors and display spaces.

Use of fibre boards allow them to bring greater colour variations. With a range of twelve different door finishes including dark cherry, rustic oak and even stainless steel their designs are ready to meet the fancy of most clients. Wooden textured kitchen cabinets tend to cost more than fibre boards. However, it must be noted here that no two kitchen designs are alike, and the price ranges from Tk 1000 per square feet and above. Apart from kitchen cabinets, Green also has a line of kitchen accessories. Imported from European countries, these accessories like hanging double spice rack, hanging corner rack, slide drawing basket and others certainly adds to the comfort of using the kitchen space. Panthapath Branch: 58/11/A Panthapath (1st & 2nd floor), Dhaka-1205.
Baridhara Branch: 46, Pragati Sarani, (1st & 2nd floor) Block-J.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif

Shop Talk

Colours for the eyes

Just when you were thinking that wearing coloured contacts is passé, the ability to change eye colour simply by putting on an appropriate contact lens gained in on popularity. People wear them for a makeover or for a party or simply for fun, as these normally do not have any side effects.Non-prescription coloured lenses are designed to be a fun accessory. One can change one's eye colour based on mood, outfit, makeup or plans. The concept is to cover the iris with a new colour. Both opaque colours and enhancement tints are available. The suitable one should be selected on the basis of the iris colour they are covering. Achieving the desired eye colour using the non-prescription coloured contact lenses gives a mesmerizing effect to one's appearance. The add-ons usually look completely natural.If one is interested only in changing colour and persona, there are a number of world-class brands that are available in the local shops. These soft, coloured contacts are comfortable to wear, but one has to ensure that the lenses properly fit the eyes. These are available for extended wear or as one-week disposables. There are varieties, which can be worn daily for up to two weeks and then be discarded. They are sold either only as pairs or as a set, which consists of lenses, solution and tray. Freshlook contact lens come directly from USA and is now the most popular brand in the town. With ten different gorgeous colours ranging from typical brown to exquisite amethyst, you can pick up any set matching your requirements between TK 1200 to 1400. Another prominent brand is Ego Vision from UK and offers a wide palette of beautiful colours. Ego New Eyes of yearly conventional lenses come in six colours and Ego Fashion Colour (6 months disposable) lenses are of eight different shades. Ego Vision lenses are ultra thin, composed mostly of water and can be bought for TK 1250 to 1350. I-look and Comfort are two other brands equally in high demand for quality and price that ranges from TK 800 to 1500. Though optical shops are scattered all over the town, Century Arcade in Mogbazar, Elephant Road and New Market can be the best places to buy your desired contacts. But don't forget to win a good bargain if you go to a non-fixed price shop. A small piece of advice: contact lenses, even if worn for cosmetic reasons, are medical devices that should be worn under the prescription, direction, and supervision of an eye care specialist.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb

On The Cover

Pastoral Bengal, even in this age of urbanisation, has charms which are unique. Rowing, Jatra or this bull fight at Kajla, Netrokona takes us back to a Bengal which now seem to remain only in the memories of our fathers... and the cover of a magazine.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Syed


Bling 411
It goes without saying that the average woman loves to wear jewellery. From priceless heirlooms to flea market finds, most women are drawn to bling like a moth to a flame. And most spend with abandon when it comes to buying jewellery. It is once the jewellery is bought that a lot of women forget about them after a wear or two. But the right kind of storage, the right approach to cleaning and a little innovative thinking will ensure that you get good use out of your trinkets.

Jewellery is prone to getting discoloured or dirty. And that is one of the main reasons people discard them after a little while. Precious stones and gold, and silver jewellery can be cleaned professionally or using special cleaning products. But it is the costume jewellery that causes more trouble. Leave costume jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place so that they don't tarnish easily. Most costume jewellery is made of chromium and synthetic stones. Keeping them wrapped in tissue or submerged in a bed of baby powder also helps.
It is best to store jewellery in an air tight, compartmentalised box to keep it tarnish-free and free of entanglements. It is wise to store jewellery sets in small, separate boxes or in tiny pouches. Separates such as rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles are best stored in boxes especially made for them. Chains are the most cumbersome pieces because they get tangled up. It is best to hang chains so that they aren't open to getting knotted.
Part of the reason why women forget about their trinkets is because they are stowed away randomly. Allot a drawer specifically for jewellery. Label the storage pieces so that you know exactly where everything is. And make it a habit to wear or at least handle your trinkets as often as you can. That way you know exactly what you have and it helps when you think of buying something new.
A great piece of jewellery makes a fashion statement all on its own. But in order to get the best use out of it, it is essential that you keep it clean and know exactly where you put it. So do make it a point to take good care of your trinkets and don't forget: wear it!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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