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Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon

The role of a modern woman is not an easy one, because even after taking on new challenges, we have still not withdrawn from the important responsibilities of homemaking. Therefore, most women today, have to take on two roles- the earner as well as the homemaker. Taking up such a role in a man's world is no easy feat, and we sometimes have to reconnect with our feminine sides and what better way to do so then by getting a makeover or relaxing away at a beauty salon!

When speaking of beauty salons, Farzana Shakil is a name that springs immediately to mind the moment we think of top, reputed aestheticians of the country. Her signature beauty salon is also, without doubt, one of the very best around. With the launching of her first salon at Dhanmondi, Farzana Shakil quickly rose to fame with her ultra chic wedding makeover, and her trendy and innovative style of makeup, which is what eventually put her on the league of top beauty experts of our country.

Due to popular demand, Farzana Shakil has recently opened a second branch of her beauty salon at Gulshan under the name, Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon.

While she herself specializes in skin and makeup, the salon offers services that include everything from skin and hair styling to consultations. The staff has been specially trained by beauty experts from abroad and is well able to cater to your every need. And as for the quality of the services offered- well hers is a name that is reputed to offer only the very best in quality.

On consulting her recently, on a few issues, Farzana Shakil provided a few suggestions that our readers will, no doubt, find most helpful. One of the most frequently recurring problems women have today is skin problem.

These, according to her, are solely due to wrong habits in lifestyle- such as not having proper food and hygiene habits. However, making it a point to regularly cleanse the skin with cleansers and astringents and a steady use of moisturizers and night creams before bedtime can rectify this.

Another common question that she is frequently asked is, what kind of makeup suits our skin tone the best? To this, her advice is that powder based foundations are the most effective for our particular skin.

This is due to the fact that the tropical environment of our subcontinent tends to make us sweat a lot, and a powder-based foundation soaks that sweat, leaving the facial skin fresh and unclogged. Another effective form of makeup is the translucent powder. Finally, when asked what the hottest looks for this season is, she explains that glittery eye-liners that come in bright colours, such as pink violet, blue, green, mauve, etc. are very much in vogue now.

Thus, all said and done, if you are in need of a dire makeover, to get back in touch with your glamorous side, or want to look extravagant on a special day, make it a point to stop by Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon. Address: House#1/B, Road#5, Gulshan#1.

By Farina Noireet
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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Personality beyond beauty

There are a lot of tips and coverage these days in all fashion magazines and supplements on corporate look and fashion for women - what to wear at work, how to get a corporate look and what the market has to offer.

Corporate fashion for women is definitely the demand of this era as our fashion. Urban Seasons is a store dedicated to office wear for ladies at House #11, Road #47, Block# H. Their first brand is called 9' o5 dedicated to young office-going women and entrepreneurs.

For the first time ever Urban Seasons, have designed and developed kameez and trousers designed with unique cuts, and fabrics. It is the only place that has gone in to designs that are more cut oriented and has completely foregone surface decorations. They are using very high quality fabrics predominantly cottons with interesting textures and weaves. For the first time ever you don't need to run to the tailor for well fitting plain kameez for office, and wait a month for its delivery. You can just drop in to Urban Seasons, and any design you pick will fit you without alteration as all designs come in six sizes. Then again if you do require alteration, not only in fit, but also slight changes in designs- that can be arranged.

Grand Winter Collection @ ETC

Autumn is passing by and winter is knocking at the door. Etcetera Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. a pioneer in the field of lifestyle retailing in Bangladesh has brought a wide range of winter collection of world standard brands including LEE and its junior brand LEE YOUTH , Wrangler , S' Fare , Casualist , Arrow and Puppet for its valued patrons .

ETC has focused on its children group and has brought latest designed sweater, jacket, cardigan, sweat-shirt, polo T- Shirt and jeans shirt made by world renowned children brands LEE YOUTH and Puppet ranging from TK. 1125-2350.

Keeping all segment of customers in mind, ETC has introduced jacket, sweater, sweat-shirt, jeans shirt, polo T-shirt and suit of international brands including LEE, Wrangler, Causalist, S'Fare and Arrow ranging from TK. 1950-20000 for men and women.

Leather jacket can be termed as the greatest attraction for youngsters shopping at ETC ranging from TK. 5500-8500.

Winter breeze at Shopnobaaj

Movie fashion has got a new dimension this winter as Shopnobaaj reveals their collection of t-shirts. Style connoisseurs can now appreciate and chose from over fifty different designs based on movie motifs available at the shelves of Shopnobaaj. Brilliantly designed by the team comprising Ferdaus Khan, Mahbubur Rahman, Joy Shahrier, Sohel Anam, the half sleeve and full sleeve t-shirts are priced at Tk.150 and Tk.200 respectively.

86, Aziz Super Market (2nd Floor), Shahbag, Dhaka
13, Capital Market (3rd Floor), Dhanmondi 8, Dhaka.

Unwind the Westin way

Unwind…a Westin Evening Ritual brings energy to the public space (i.e. lobby lounge, bar or terrace) in each of our Westin Hotels and Resorts with a distinct evening ritual that transitions our guests from their daytime state of mind into a new, refreshed mood for their nighttime activity.

The Westin Dhaka is launching it's Unwind program from November 01, 2007 kicking off with a month-long block and brush painting program, jointly organised with Banglar Mela. The guests will be encouraged by the host, to participate in the process of designing a piece of block for him/herself, with the given design, color, and materials. An ambience will be created through lighting, traditional music, scent, brush materials and displaying of final products.

So, make your way to The Living Room at Westin, from Sunday to Thursday, between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm for the Unwind session. Learn more about the local artisans and enjoy the revitalising beverages like Westin specialty tea and Unwind mocktails. There is also an extensive spread to cater to your palate, with local and international delicacies from a selection of potato korroke cakes and amai sauce, turkey and sprout spring rolls, spinach and feta cheese samosa, sesame crusted tuna balls, shrimp and spinach chana vara, Living Room beef satayas and more.

Invigorate your senses with the soothing rhythms of local music while you renew yourself with the art of block and brush painting - take the opportunity to create your own design and take it home with you.

LS Desk


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