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Debashis Nabagata

Throughout the world, fashion wear has reached its own distinction; so much so, that larger and more successful nations have their very own fashion capitals. For example, in the USA, Soho in New York is almost as famous as Washington. The same goes for Milan of Italy, which is also just as well known across the globe as Rome.

Fashion has made its undeniable impression on our society and culture as well. However, unlike that of countries such as the USA and Italy, our very own Dhaka city more than makes up for us not having a separate fashion capital, since Dhaka, very effectively serves as capital for far more than one purpose.

As with all major cities, residents of Dhaka have a pretty high standard of living, especially in the clothing and food sectors. And this almost insatiable thirst for the latest in fashion has led to innumerable boutiques and fashion houses sprouting up like mushrooms in all corners of the city. However, with only a few of theses stores opening up, only a few that can maintain quality and innovative designs are successfully able to hold on to customers, which is why competition among these shops is at its peak.

This week, Lifestyle turns it spotlight on one such store, 'Debashis Nabagata'. Owned by renowned designer Debashis Chakma, his signature boutique caters to the very latest in fashion trends. The boutique, which was first started near two years ago, on September 2005, has a radical and fresh approach to clothing. The main aim, according to owner Dabashis, was to create a completely different theme, which is a fusion between ethnic and modern dress styles.

On visiting the shop one will see that all the material he uses for his creations, are solely the exclusive and traditional indigenous fabric that is completely hand-woven by the ethnic tribal people of our country. This particular textile was previously used in creating housekeeping items, such as napkins, curtains, table -cloths, etc. This is the very first time the fabric is being reproduced in the form of exclusive clothing. Through his creations, Debashis wishes to uphold the long overlooked traditions and heritage of his ethnic background.

Designer Debashis claims to work solely with western patterns. His product line includes skirts, tops, evening gowns, wrappers, pants, shirt-dress, etc., with two areas of design- 'ready to wear', 'made to measure'. Each piece of item comes in only two to three sizes and special attention is given to the fact that they are never reproduced, to retain originality. This is especially because this indigenous fabric is very expensive, which is why, mass production is not very efficient.

Debashis' latest line of winter collection is coming up, where fabric and colours are emphasized according to the season. His designs have already acquired international demand through the personal collections of his various customers, which is why he also plans to do foreign export in the near future. His basic aim is to introduce the much acclaimed indigenous fabric of our tribal tradition to the international market.

With a clientele that includes mostly foreigners, one can only guess the quality of products that the boutique offers. So if you're in the mood for something totally different and refreshing, make sure to drop by at 'Dabashis Nabagata'. Address: Hs#42, Rd#18, Block-A, Banani.

By Farina Noireet
Photo: Zahedul I Khan



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