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News Flash

Finding the right furniture

Whatever we do almost always revolves around some type of furniture or another- from sleeping on the bed to working on the desk at the office, furniture is undeniably one of the best things since the invention of wheels! It serves almost every purpose, including regular requirements and home beautification. Thus, it is literally something we cannot do without!

It is no mean feat trying to pick out the right furniture for one's home. It is usually a pretty lengthy process into which a fair amount of thought must be put. Probably the best way to getting the right furniture is through ordering and having them custom made, since that way, you can be sure of what exactly that is you want. Unfortunately, what with the incredibly hectic lives that people have to deal with today, such a luxury is not always possible. Which is why the next best option is to get ready-made furniture from a furniture store. And even better than that, of course, is to be a little patient and wait for the furniture fair that is held annually, where one can get great deals and discounts, as well as an option to choose from a huge selection of items since most big furniture stores across town participate in the fair.

This year, the 5th National Furniture Fair 2007, was held the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre, from the 12th to 17th of this month. As always, it was a grand affair and turned out to be quite a success, even through all the disruption of the cyclonic weather! The fair was almost constantly abuzz with pleasant crowds of people, either enthusiastically buying or simply visiting!

Among the participants, were some of the leading furniture makers of the country, such as Navana, Otobi, Hatil, Akhter Furnishers with their exclusive range of both office and home furniture. Also available, were kitchen furniture such as kitchen cabinets, oven racks, etc, as well as garden/lobby furniture and living room furniture, such as sofa sets and divans. Other participants were, Wood Marc, Naznin Furniture, Nadia Furniture, Athena's Furniture ans Home Decor, World Class Home Furniture, Toru Furniture and Handicrafts, etc. Wood Marc, in particular, had some beautiful bed designs, that ranged from Tk- 65,000-70,000. Most of the stalls offered a discount of 5-10%, while a few offered up to 15%.

Many of the furniture on display flaunted 'sold' tags, which goes to prove that the event did indeed, turn out to be quite a success! This type of event, although not all that common as yet, is quite encouraging for both the sellers and customers, since people are interested and do, in fact, make time out of their busy lives to attend along with their families and try and pick out the right furniture for the home.

By Farina Noireet

Radisson revels in Bangladeshi food

Radisson is going local. Star Lifestyle has reviewed the whole chain of international festivals the hotel has hosted over the months since its establishment, and this time it is showcasing its local taste and fervour. Last Friday, 16th November, Radisson launched its Bangladesh Food and Culture Festival, which will stretch till the 23rd of November.

As for the arrangement, there will be a buffet dinner embracing food from different nooks and niches of the country and in the process, having up on offer many local delicacies. Of course, there will be the conventional items (which, mind you, become conventional in the first place because they are popular) like bhortas, bhajis and chotpoti. On the other hand, if your gustatory brainwaves show particular kinship towards richer delicacies like biriyani, korma, khichuri and polao, it is all there for the take. And for the desserts, there is an array of sweets and pithas including rosh golla, patishapta pitha and bhapa pitha. So, it is “eat all you can” from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

The catch is, as the title of the festival indicates, it will not only serve the guests with food, but also with non-culinary entertainment . There will be songs depicting the diversity of our music culture. The cultural team would be performing a “mixed bag” of songs- Nazrul, Rabindra, Bhatiali, Lalon and Harano Diner Gaan among others. Moreover, there will be local and tribal dance performances.

More importantly, the dinner will take place on Radisson poolside, which is famous for its clear blue water leveled to the ground and greenery.

So swing by, take a peek and join the bash…

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

Shop Talk

Kindled Candles

Protesting against their mundane use for mere illumination during power failures, candles have come a long way from the kitchen shelves to every corner of our houses. Whether candles are assembled in the living room, candlesticks gathered on the dinner table, or cuddled in colored glass votives on the mantle, candles surely add stylishness and chick to the drab décor. And why not? Everything seems to become nicer by candlelight!

Decorative candles are gaining on popularity day by day revealing their versatile persona through various designs, shapes, colors and aromas. Not only do they add flair and spice to any atmosphere but they also can add subtle warmth, allowing your home to be an inviting place for guests rather than a stale, boring abode. Decorative candles work well in just about any home as they can sit anywhere and you can find them in just about any color or fragrance. Candles are available in almost all of the department stores, superstores, gift shops or street markets throughout the city but Aarong can be your one stop solution in buying decorative candles. A wide variety of candles and candle stands can be found in this hub within a very reasonable budget. Shops like Archies and Hallmarks can also be a good option for these decorative pieces of wax.

Candles come in all sorts of varieties and styles these days to suit the tastes of every one. Pillar candle, which is the most common, and dominant of basic candles comes in numerous colors, patterns, textures and designs ranging from Tk 30 to Tk 475. As a special collection, Aarong's pillar candles with inscriptions of Bengali alphabets, costs Tk 140 each and cylinder shaped glitter candles start from Tk 30. Thin taper candles with a wide variety of sleek colors can adorn your dining table for only Tk 40 per pack. If you prefer scattering the candles in every corner of your room or ensemble them mixing or matching the colors according to the décor, then votive candles can be your best choice. They're small enough to not be in the way and burn bright without spilling the wax as they sit on glass or metallic holders. Their prices range from Tk 20 to Tk 245 depending on the quality and size. Tea light candles which are often unscented and come in a plain white color cost Tk 30 each. However, you can also find tea light candles that are scented. The allure of a scented candle priced at Tk 65 is irresistible, particularly when the candle is slowly burning down, allowing the wax to release a blissful fragrance. Floating candles are yet another great option that provides magical touch to the décor. Available in the most diverse forms and shapes, floating candles are priced from Tk 2 to Tk 20. Just like the candles themselves, the prices may vary too from shop to shop. So if you are not in a fixed price shop it'd be wiser to use your bargaining skill.

The ambience created by a soft flickering glowing candle is truly magical. The appeal of candles is eternal and their impression ever lasting. Employ the use of decorative candles wisely and see what difference the flares bring to your home. Needless to say, you won't regret it.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb

On The Cover

A Bangladeshi woman rests in her collapsed house in Baroikhali village of Bagherhat district on the south coast of Bangladesh, 17 November 2007, two days after a strong cyclone devastated the southern coastal area of the country. Thousands of corpses were littering its southern coast after the worst cyclone in years tore through the impoverished and low-lying area. Village after village was flattened when cyclone Sidr smashed into the disaster-prone nation overnight 15 November.

Photo: AFP


Eating Out
Eating out is becoming more and more an integral part of our urban lifestyle, especially with the ever-increasing number of restaurants hatching everyday in every corner of the city to satisfy our taste buds. Haven't we all, for once, decided on a whim to treat ourselves in a fancy restaurant that turned out to be a big regret later on? So choosing a restaurant is somewhat like going on a treasure hunt. But with a little bit of forethoughts and careful planning we actually can find that perfect restaurant which will make the experience of eating out a blessed one.

Find your place
Choose a restaurant that would go with your mood and occasion. A spacious restaurant with vibrant décor and homely atmosphere would suit a family gathering with kids. Couples looking for a quiet relaxed time can pick up a restaurant that has a romantic ambience and offers a delightful mix of fine dining, low lighting and some smooth jazz to spice things up a bit. And it's always wise to choose a casual yet trendy place for a flock of friends to hang out and chill in a cozy mood.

Eat well eat right
Have a clear idea of what you want and what you get in your preferred restaurant. Don't make any choice hastily. Choose a place with a varied calorie conscious menu which will make it easier to find something for everyone. Make sure where and what you eat is healthy and hygienic. Remember, the food is every bit as important as the restaurant, the table and the setting.

Locate your restaurant
In selecting the location, factors that should be considered include access to public transport, availability of parking and whether or not the restaurant is easy to find. You certainly don't want to choose a remote restaurant as driving up there in high traffic would ruin your mood as well as your appetite.

It's a good idea
Make reservations. Not all places afford it, sure, but unless you are 100% confident that you will get a table then book ahead if you can. It really isn't all nice to stand at the doorway of the restaurant with a hungry stomach and wait for a table. And about the expense, it's better to be pre-informed so that the prices don't surprise you.

Eating out is fun and can be made a lot easier only by putting some thoughtful plans in it. So go on, leave your fear and dine out tonight. Bon appetite!

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb



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