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Shop Talk

More than just a wallet

The wallet is one of the most personal items a man carries all day, every day. In addition to credit cards and cash, IDs and licenses, your wallet is often home to those personal scraps of memory and nostalgia unique to you. Whether it's the photo of your loved ones or the movie ticket you treasure, a wallet accommodates it all.

At first glance, men's wallets are a folded leather contraption but in reality, they actually come in multiple styles. Each one is designed to serve the different needs of the man who carries it. There are essentially three types of wallets: The Pocket Secretary - tall and thin, it is designed to fit into the inside pocket of a suit coat; The International Billfold - a large square, this is a wide wallet with room for multiple cards and currency and designed for a back pocket; and The Slim Billfold - a smaller and more trim version of the International Billfold with space for a few cards and usually one currency section.

When it comes to material, men's wallet can be of a wide variety ranging from jute products to classic leather. The former styles are best reserved for more casual events, while the best choice for evening or dressy occasions is leather in black, brown, or mahogany.

Make sure your wallet fits in with the feel of your outfit. If you're wearing brown and yellow tones, carry a brown or red wallet instead of black. For more formal occasions to which you wear black, go with the black wallet. Texture can work very well, but is best reserved for slightly more experimental outfits with flair.

Dhaka, our own fashion capital is in fact quite diversely desi when it comes to men's wallets though the market and is notoriously overloaded with cheap products mostly from China and Thailand. So it's not a big surprise that the most common brands available everywhere and anywhere are Versace, Gucci, Prada, Bosca or Nike! And the vendors would agree no less should you inquire. That's why, for those who emphatically crave for the genuine brands in a competitive price, the choice is a bit narrow but not restrained at all.

Aarong, which has never ceased to amaze us with its dedicated emphasis on men's wardrobe, again triumphs in providing us with world class men's wallets made from the finest local leather. Available in almost all styles and varied designs, these classy wallets with matte, glazy or textured finishing can be bought for Tk 130 to Tk 600. Whereas quite different and innovative wallets made with jute products are priced only at Tk 40. Another premier leading brand, which can be your instant pick is Artisti. Their gorgeous leather wallets come with a prestigious Artisti logo for Tk 660 to Tk 1050 depending on the quality. And for casual use, Jatra can be one of your options where you'd find a variety of wallets made of cotton fabrics for only Tk 150. Though not a desi brand, Crocodile does live up to its name ensuring the quality of its products. Their wallets are slim, trendy and of course genuine with a price range of Tk 1050 to Tk 1950.

Since this is the accessory you will be flashing every time you lay some down, you want it to look nice and suit your outfit. Whatever type of wallet you choose, in whichever configuration best matches your needs, choose something which is uniquely you. A wallet, like all your personal effects should be an investment.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb


Fashion without frontiers

Dia-asiana magazine, a joint effort between UK and Bangladesh, is a monthly publication that promotes issues and events regarding fashion, designers, jewellers, cuisine, tourism, tradition, etc.

On the 19th of Dec 2007, DIA-ASIANA magazine held a gala fashion evening- “Fashion Without Frontiers”, at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre. The gala was one of the biggest fashion events of the year, had been organised by the JPR event management company, a sister concern of DIA-ASIANA.

Mrs. Monira Emdad, who since 1985, has supported and promoted the weaving community of Bangladesh, was the recipient of the first “Bangladesh Design Council’s ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, along with Mrs. Ruby Ghuznavi, who received the first ‘The Colours of Style Award’ for achievement in restoring theancient art of vegetable dyeing, at the gala evening launch of the magazine..

-LS Desk


Charity begins with clothes!

While we were trying heart and soul to hold onto our perseverance through the woes of the year by gone, we as Bangalis didn't let our tradition of benevolence down. We've never failed to show our generosity be it for the recurring flood or the most recent omnivorous Sidr which left us to deal with a ragged humanity. But as it seems, our effort is not enough to help the people fight back and rise again. So if you are planning to donate some more clothes for the suffering souls or simply buy your maid or chauffer something for Eid, today's shoptalk is here to help you out.

A place for everyone and everything, our very own New Market has shops scattered around that sells clothes for zakat and can be one of your options. You can also try the shops at Yakub (opposite of Gausia) and Badruddoza market. One common fact about all these shops is that you need to use your bargaining skills to get a better deal. However, the common price range of saris is Tk 150 to Tk 250, lungi Tk 60 to Tk 120 and panjabi Tk 200 to Tk 400 depending on the quality of the material and how many you buy.

True that it's sometimes quite perilous to hop from shop to shop looking for cheap but quality materials and the bargaining can really drain out all the enthusiasm. So a shop that has both affordable prices and quality is no doubt a huge relief. And Ahsania Taat Ghar run by Ahsania Mohila Mission is one such shop. Located in Dhanmondi 5, this tiny shop has an amazing collection of sari, lungi, shalwar kameez and panjabi (only during Ramadan), which can be bought at fixed prices. Printed saris would cost from Tk 160 to Tk 375 while the Tangail ones are priced between Tk 280 and Tk 450. Lungis are available for Tk 110 to Tk 180 and panjabis range from Tk 160 to Tk 250. Shalwar kameez can be bought for Tk 220 to Tk 400. Since their prices are fixed, you most probably won't get any reduction even if you buy in large numbers.

The act of giving is always rewarding whether it's done for a noble cause or just for the sake of giving itself. Make a move today and start the new year with a difference.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb

On The Cover

After a rather distressful 2007, we step into the New Year with hopes of turning the tide. Slide to the centre for our story on a brand new beginning.

Lifestyle wishes all its readers a very Happy New Year.

Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain


New Year arrives
The year 2007 had been full of bitter sweet experiences for all of us. Last year we made decisions, promises, but how many of us managed to stick to them? Did we really do what we thought of, or just made excuses of avoiding them? The previous year flew by with the flicker of the eye and now it is the beginning of another year. This year will give you new opportunities to do something different that you may not have tried before.

What to do
First take some time off and recall your past concerning the last year. Try to find out what were the things you have left undone; those promises that you made in earnest but somehow broke. What were your regrets of not accomplishing your goals? Try to talk to your family or friends and take their opinion if necessary on what they think about you, and where you had flaws. Regardless of the fact if it is related to your personal, academic or job sectors you must figure out all the expectations which you could not meet. Think what habits you need to change to lead a better life. See if you can connect both ends of the strings to make a loop of your thoughts. Once you are certain about all these issues, then you need to understand whether there are any solutions to your problems.

Now that you have done the brainstorming session, here comes the toughest part. You will have to check if it is possible for you to keep the promises for this New Year. There will be times when you will be tested and you'll have to be firm and strong, it is only up to you to see if you are capable of handling all the pressure. You should make those resolutions that are possible by you and make sure you fulfil your commitments. That is the ultimate satisfaction you'll get at the end of the year. Also, try to make the resolutions in such a manner that will make you a better person.

Now that you know what to do, we would expect you rethink your future and take the important steps wisely and steadily. Always remember, hasty decisions often lead to indecisive approaches towards life. Never be confused and be mentally prepared for all kinds of elements. We hope this upcoming year goes great with you; may all your wishes come true. Happy New Year to all our valued readers from the Lifestyle team!

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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