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loor carpets have enjoyed their share of popularity, despite the fact that climatically they are not suited for Bangladeshi homes. After the closing of several jute factories in the country, carpets made from jute are no longer widely available.

Silk carpets are highly expensive. These are mostly imported from Iran, Turkey, Dubai and Belgium. Very few shops in Gulshan keep silk carpets.

A carpet of around 8 x 11 square feet will cost around Tk 1,50,000 and a 5 x 7 square feet one will cost around Tk 70,000.

Exclusive woollen carpets are imported mostly from New Zealand. A 9 x 12 square feet carpet will cost around Tk 95,000; 8 x 11 square feet cost Tk 65,000 and a 5 x 7 square feet cost Tk 30,000.

Synthetic silk carpets are available at a modest budget. An 8 x 11 square feet carpet will cost around Tk 35,000; a 7 x 5 square feet will cost Tk 18,000 and a 4 x 5 square feet one will cost Tk 9,000.

Elephant Road is one of the best places to find carpets. At certain shops of Purana Paltan, you can order for custom-made carpets in designs of your choice at Tk 300 per square feet.

Continental Carpets Ltd.
3- 39 New Elephant Road,
Tel# 9662526, 8651541
Zia Carpets,
22/3 Purana Paltan,
Tel# 9564188.

By Durdana Ghias

Car for nano families

What if your car is comfortable, safe, all weather, high on fuel efficiency and low on emissions? India's automobile giant Tata has come up with this dream project, for middle class families in developing countries. Tata Nano -the people's car will hit the market later in 2008. For their purchasing convenience, Tata is selling the long awaited cheapest automobile at 1 lakh Indian Rupees. In Bangladeshi currency, this car may cost around Tk. 1 lakh and 70 thousand.

Ratan Tata , chairman of Tata group, has launched this new car during India's ninth motor expo in New Delhi. “With the arrival of Nano, this will be a milestone in motor vehicle history. This car is safe and is suitable for any weather condition”, says Ratan Tata.

The four door Tata Nano car has a 33 horse powered engine and will run 23 kilometers per litre of petrol. Three different models will be available in the market. Tata will initially make about 250,000 Nanos at its West Bengal assembling plant.

By Md. Shamiul Haque (Rossi)


The concept of giving gifts is an age-old tradition that is shared universally in every country, culture and religion. And it doesn't even have to be confined to special occasions either. A gift is always welcome any time of the year- it makes the giver all warm and happy inside, and as for the receiver, well, there definitely aren't many who don't like getting gifts!

Making the right gift to someone is something that needs a lot of thought behind it. One has to take into account factors such as the person's likes and dislikes. For example, there is nothing that would make a book lover happier than receiving books as gifts. Of course, its always better if you know what genre of books that person likes to read, and not give him/her something random! Another great gift for bibliophiles would be a personalised bookmark, with his/her name engraved on it.

When speaking of personalised gifts, there is nothing more personal and filled with love than baking a cake or taking some other home made treats! This can make an excellent gift when going to a party. However, if you don't have enough time to prepare something yourself, you can always buy something on the way. Apart from food, plants can also make wonderful gifts. If you have a knack for putting things together, you can get hold of a nice clay or ceramic pot and arrange some fern or money plants in water.

As for occasions such as weddings, one has an endless option to choose from. Unlike birthdays where personal stuff may be appropriate, a wedding is a lot different in the sense that one must pick out something that will come of use to both the bride and groom in their new life together. Here are a few ideas for items that may make excellent wedding gifts.

One good example is household items such as a dinner or tea set. Other ideas under the same category can be silver or crystal milk and sugar pots. Crystal ware is a must-have for weddings- from fruit bowls to cake platters- one can have a wide option to choose from. However, apart from just household items, decoration pieces also make great gifts, which the newlyweds can use to decorate their new home. These include crystal or silverware vases, photo-stands and table lamps. Speaking of silverware, silver spoon sets are also great as gifts.

Apart from all that you may also give photo albums- an all time favourite for all occasions. Now, although this may not be exceptionally uncommon, however, such a gift will guarantee the newlyweds hours of fun as they sort and store away all the beautiful memories of everything done from weddings till honeymoon!

By Farina Noireet

Shop Talk

Barbeque grills

Who doesn't enjoy a cozy roof top barbeque gathering or a quiet day in the outdoors, savouring the taste of barbequed chicken? Most of us find it difficult to buy barbeque grills given the fact that proper barbeque accessories are not easy to come by.

Despite the fact that gas and electric grills are available in the market, charcoal grills are not only simpler but also less expensive. The most common type of grill available is the desi one made of aluminum sheets. They come in a variety of sizes and prices. Depending on your need and budget you can choose from the 12 sticks big size grill (Tk 2200) to 6 sticks small ones (Tk. 500). The convenient designs make them portable and easy to clean. Nevertheless, if you opt for something better and foreign, you can buy the grills that come from China costing from Tk 3500 to Tk 14000.

A few tips: for buying barbeque grill, good old New Market and DCC market in Gulshan 1 are the best places. But as it's well known, a good bargain skill is essential to get a good deal at these places. Before spending your cash, it's well worth doing some research so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes to finally buy. Choose features wisely considering whether you want a gas or a charcoal grill. But remember, charcoal should never be burned indoors because of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). And carefully go through the safety instructions and how to use manual before you actually light up a grill.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb

On The Cover

His beguiling cuteness distracts you from the pandemonium he unleashes. Flip to the centre for an insight into the woes of a babysitter.

Model: Sayed Nihal Kamal
Photos: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Simple living high thinking
Simple Living High Thinking can be an essential practice of our time, considering the inflation of material needs of life, which regularly upset life itself. Under excessive workload people end up having diseases like diabetes, hypertension and such. Kali Yuga, that is modern society, is said to run in the opposite direction of simple living.

What we never do is thinks
City dwellers like ourselves restrict us by our own choices. Where a 'little less' would do, we always go for a 'little more'. We live our lives in utter luxuries so far as our efforts will afford us to buy.

While we suspend the more important things in our life and go for the less important, we deprive ourselves of the real essence.

What we basically do is maintain our bodies
The maintenance of the body involves mainly activities of eating, sleeping, and defending. However, simply engaging in these activities of maintenance does not actually make one human. One who is interested in achieving a permanent goal of life does not focus solely on these activities of bodily maintenance, but he/she rather focuses primarily on the path of perfection.

This is why he adopts the process of simple living. This is primarily the idea of Simple Living and High Thinking supported by the Vedas. However, interestingly enough all other religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism emphasize on this simplicity in conducting a healthy life in body and mind.

By Fatima Tuz Zahra



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