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What procedures are maintained while accessing a locker?
While accessing a locker a bank staff will accompany the customer into the vault. Lockers will be opened with the master key held by Bank staff. After using the locker the customer should ensure that the locker door is locked in her/his presence by the bank staff and no private article is left behind in the locker room. The customer should record the time of entering and departure from the locker room in a form/card/register provided by the bank.

What is an NFCD account?
An NFCD account is a non-resident foreign currency deposit account. All non resident Bangladeshi nationals and persons of Bangladeshi origin including those having dual nationality and ordinarily residing abroad, may maintain interest bearing time deposit accounts in foreign currency, named "Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (NFCD) Account" with the banks. Foreign nationals/institutions may also open NFCD, although, in those instances the deposit amount has to be minimum of US$ 25,000.

What are the requirements to open a NFCD account?
Requirements would include these accounts (which are term deposits) having maturity of one month, three months, six months and one year. These accounts can be maintained in US dollar, pound sterling, deutsche mark or Japanese yen. The initial deposit will be of a minimum amount of USD 1000 or pound sterling 500 or equivalent (for Bangladeshi nationals). The accounts can also be opened against foreign currency remittances. These accounts may be maintained as long as the account-holder desires. Eligible persons are also allowed to open such accounts any time after their return to Bangladesh.

How should one carry foreign currency while travelling?
Any Bangladeshi nationals who hold a valid passport is allowed to carry foreign currency while travelling abroad after producing a valid ticket and a valid travel visa of the country where travel is being undertaken. The bank is supposed to endorse the foreign currency amount in the passport and on the ticket ensuring the validity of the foreign currency being taken by the traveller if checked by immigration at airport.

Fashion forecasters today have perfected their skill into a fine art. They can predict what will be in fashion the next year, and even several years ahead. Well researched with an insiders view they have fine-tuned their skill. Their predictions rarely go wrong as they have their eye trained permanently on trends. So blessed are their prophecies that even top designer brands across the globe sit up and pause prior to their collections. I shall not claim to be highly accomplished in this department but will give my best shot to envisage styles for the next season.

Elegantly sporty
This is the season to look comfortably chic. You need to work your unique combination of pieces in timeless and elegant fabrics. Soft luxurious feel good fabrics are great on your kaftan, trench style kameez or longer tops paired with drawstring ankle length pants. Light-weight will be right in hand spun silk, crepe, khadi silk or even silk chiffon. Drawstring umpire waist tops with flared hemline have made a return. Pants with gathered hems are simply fresh and look superb with flats or ballet pumps. Slacks in fitted styles work well with any length. Grey, black, charcoal or some unexpected bright mustard or ruby are vibrant top up pieces. Belts are vital on westerns but I suppose they can now equally work on saris, provided you have a flawless figure you are proud to show off.

White romantics
I am a die hard bohemian and I love the idea that fashion is willing to continue to hold on to styles that are simple cut drapes, modern yet romantic. Squared, scoop or collared shapes are becoming raw edged. Puffed, balloon, tulip sleeves are in and here to stay for a while, cinched waistline and wide hems are what you might be looking for in this season. White is here and it is good for any fit. Loose styles are popular. It is ideal for texture and for further embellishment. Butterfly or shift styles are easy pieces that look great with churidar or pants. White is my favourite hue as it can be easily accessorized and is perfect for day or evening wear.

Neon bright
Bright colours in watermelon, flamingo pink, hot crimson, deep purple, fresh leaf green are going to turn heads. These colours are seen all over the place and should be picked up as it will guarantee to pick up your day. You can also use them on your nails, lips or on single pieces. Scarves, shoes, bags are all perfect ways of showing your bright colours. I, for one would love to see you use it on your large bangles and head gear.

This year neutrals have made a come back. You must be thinking when did these colours go out of fashion and I cannot agree with you more. Softly tailored styles in sand beige or ivory are simply timeless. Rounded shoulder, open front tied waist, voluminous sleeves teamed with metallic or accented with black are easy to wear. The styles are in no nonsense kind of a look. Neutrals normally look great with chocolate, navy, and burgundy as they are much darker and offset well as an under or over item. Neutrals are effortlessly chic and are perfect for work or leisure. If you are looking at ethnic suits I would suggest use the neutrals on your dupattas. Saris also look elegant in any neutral shade and it will be widely used this season with rich brocade and antic borders. Make your choices in graceful styles.

In Bangladesh we love our metallics. It shines and it is rich while it bestows regal elegance in either gold or silver. It creates a drama that is sensational. The use of metallic threads on fabrics adds a glamour quotient. I think it is beautiful as trimmings on outfits; it certifies a grand finish. Ideally, you may not be able to carry an all-metallic ensemble unless you are quite adventurous. It may look great on the ramp but in reality it may be too pompous. Use it on your end pieces. Belts and bags are easy additions in metallic. I must add a single piece or an engineered application may also elevate a simple outfit. Copper, bronze, antique metals in much oxidized colours will continue to be the rave. I also think you will find heavier bolder jewellery worn sparingly to balance the period retrospective styles. Capacious, flares, flowing styles are just the thing in fashion planet.

Geometric Prints
Geometric prints are perfect for the next spring summer season. The trend is set to be unique, vibrant, and has an old-time feel. Mondrian, Pucci, Gustav were artists of the early 20th century who left behind signature styles in print and today there has been resurgence of impressions keeping in line with their inspirations. These are quite spectacular. Some of you might find it a little daunting. In that case, use it on your scarves or on your sarongs or on wraps. If you are bold enough to carry it well then it may look brilliant on a kaftan shirt or on your sleeveless silk kameez.

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