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a multipurpose room

The best family space is one that is cozy enough for a holiday afternoon and at the same time, chic enough for special use. Family living demonstrates how to create a flexible, fun-filled, stylish environment that every one can enjoy. It is a zone for reading, writing, watching television, eating or even indoor games.

Today's featured family space belongs to an individual house. The owner was looking for warmth and we decided to put the space right in the center of the duplex house. An attractive, curved stairway connects the formal living room to the bedrooms. There is a landing space in front of the three bedrooms, which we opted to turn into a multipurpose area.

The space is open on one side for the stairs. The railing is 2'-6” high. A wooden sofa with cushions has been arranged in the seating area for reading or watching television. Furniture has been used down to the bare minimum, to allow for the most judicious use of space.

The TV and the music system have been placed in a compact wooden cabinet. We have used Burma teak panelling behind the television and refrigerator cabinets.

The kitchen being downstairs, we suggested a small refrigerator in the family space. We also made provisions for a small covered section for crockery. There is also an open shelf for family photos and accessories.

Colours and textures are important because they contribute to the mood of the space. We have made use of the colour lemon to create a lively atmosphere. A decorative, false ceiling along with spotlights also added to the ambiance.

A room needs controlled light, which has been achieved though the use of a false ceiling, spotlights and indirect lighting. Daylight is always a priority and the room had long, vertical windows beside the stairs. We used design glass and added a grill outside for security. The result, as the pictures show, is a nice, long window that provides great ventilation and light.

However well planned, a multifunctional space only works the best if used by the whole family. If space permits, you can provide a large pin board for school activities, or simply add a white board so that every one can easily relay phone messages and leave behind notes. And lastly, a large clock so that being late for school or office is never an option!

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks: Nasima Syeed



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