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The koncept of comfort

Koncept is a trademark that reflects modern, high quality, state-of-the-art furniture. It is a name, which has been out spoken in more than 45 countries- Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They believe that well-designed furniture help create a dynamic and functioning environment at any place and work on this adage to position stylish furniture as a set or single form according to the client demands.

Koncept started its journey in Bangladesh in 2001, targeting the middle and upper segments of the society. Owner, Nasim Biswas who is also the director of Nasir Group of Industries and furthermore runs Aroma, Mexicana Chics, and Bhoot (Uttara), wants Koncept to be acknowledged as a proficient company capable of delivering large volume of occupancy business within specified time, quality and cost frame. With reliability and dedication to excellence as their core values and a mission to work with integrity and to simultaneously develop strong bonds with their customers, they are now predominantly popular in the market.

With a full range of home and office furniture assortment, Koncept meets any demand for any project at a given specified time. Their products include a wide variety of furnishings from kitchen to built-in wardrobes, decorative partition doors for any room and their services extend to home and office furnishing solutions. They also have an array of workstation and boardroom solutions to meet any office requirement as well as budget office solutions. Koncept design center consists of skilled architects and interior designers who are adept in providing the optimum design solutions for commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

The team efficiently provides specialised services ranging from designing to procurement to execution, using the best available quality in due time. The main aim is to follow and implement international standards in Bangladesh.

Its franchise sofa gallery at 85, Gulshan Avenue comes with stunning couches that are headed under three main categories: family, formal and simple. The gallery gives a completely different shopping experience. You have to climb a few interesting wooden stairs to get into the store and once in the gallery, you will be amazed to find the fascinating atmosphere they have created with their sets of sofas. Their entire settee reflected comfortable, contemporary, sleek and trendy designs in beige, brown, white, ash, and mauve, which you are bound to find irresistible.

Koncept has diverted itself from traditional, old-fashioned sofas and successfully blended foreign styles to create innovative contemporary designs that are absolutely unique. A lot of creativity has been moulded from different kinds of leather, solid wooden frames and fabrics. My personal favorite was a huge bluish-ash sofa with ruffles at its base alongside blue and florescent striped cushions set against grey wallpaper, chic white lamp, sassy urns and accessories. Another was a white rectangular set adjacent to a bamboo background that was simple yet elegant.

All sofas were explicitly complimented with wallpapers, carpets, lights, flower vases, showpieces, antiques and other frills that added to its brilliance. Also on sale there, are some health products from Osim that includes slimming, toning and massaging equipments and iSqueez foot massagers. The price of the sofa sets varies between Tk 100,000 to Tk 4000,000. The store is soon going to carry its line of classical and Eid collection.

“This year, the inspiration for Eid will be simple and sleek furnishing”, said Sajzad Shoyeb, the business communication executive. While the principal showroom is situated in 40/7 North Avenue in Gulshan-2, the sofa gallery is located behind NCC Bank in 85, Gulshan-1. They have plans to open a branch at Uttara in the future. Another outlet is located at Baparipara, Chittagong. Another fact that requires special mention is that, there is an on-going discount offer ranging from 15-50 percent on the new line of sofa set.

By Zion Ara Hamid


On The Cover

With architectural styles changing to accommodate the space and time issues that come with apartment living, furniture outlets have leapt in to adapt with their sleek and functional items. Check out Koncept Furniture and their cool, modern offerings.
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Office romance

Dating a co-worker, if not anything else, is a perilous undertaking. We have all learnt to set aside our past reservations about getting involved with our colleagues, a taboo in the seventies or even as late as the early nineties. Now tangled in the corporate web, people we work with are our friends, quiz partners, shopping buddy and quite often romantic affiliates all jumbled in one.

Although times have changed, we are yet to break convention when it comes to getting involved in a romantic relationship. Irrationality often peeps in and there is often a lot of bad blood spilled in denial or a break up.

Sacrificing a friendly work environment is simply not an option. As it is completely natural to grow a liking for the person in the next cubicle, it is also natural that the level of attraction peaks to a point where one should just give it a go. But at the back of our minds, one must be prepared for a possible 'maybe' or an outright 'no'.

A positive response can also prove equally perilous. Juggling office responsibilities and romance, giving each its due importance needs maturity beyond the average person. More often than not, work gets affected with the natural ups and downs of a relationship; and in rare occasions work affects a relationship.

After the end of the war, corporate America imposed a restriction on dating or even marrying a co-worker. The situation might have changed a little but considering the legal expenditure incurred due to suits filed for sexual assaults and improper office conduct, many establishment still prefer to remain orthodox in their views regarding corporate relationships.

In the office circles of Dhaka, one already hears voices of improper office conduct and on rare occasion harassment, even abuse of powers. Many of these circumstances are preceded with a romantic proposition.

Before popping the question, think hard about the consequences. Sometimes, it just might not be worth it. If you decide to give it a go anyway, make sure you are ready to chew in the defeat, for romance at any level hardly comes with cream and sugar!

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif



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