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Khazana iftar offer

As Ramadan starts off, with people stumbling through the first few disoriented days of empty stomachs and taking any added precautions in the direction of piety, there are already signs of the seasonal flair. On a more specific note, there is one thing that we can always count on- food. Despite the daylight hours spent fasting, the sinking of the sun heralds the advent of gustatory indulgences. And it is in this month that iftar parties take the centre stage in social and corporate circles.

Bearing this in mind, Khazana has come up with an iftar promotion for this Ramadan, as with many high-end eateries around the City. There are some interesting new additions to the special menu for iftar. These include: Shahi Haleem (mutton and chicken), Gosht Dum Biriyani (which, on a personal note, is my favourite), Chicken Chap, Murgh Mussalum, etc. Many of the spices and herbs have been flown in directly from Lucknow, India for some of the traditional dishes like the Shahi Haleem. Alongside, the older items like the Chicken Kathi Roll, Dahi Barra and Chana Chat Pata will grace the menu. As for the desserts keep a lookout for Motichur-ke-Laddu, which is absolutely great, and Kesaria Phirnee. Notably, this year Khazana will be selling its sweets from the "Khazana mithai" shop it has opened recently, which it houses within its grounds.

The iftar items are available from the first day of Ramadan, and will be on sale from 1:00 pm. Khazana is also holding buffet iftar dinner, which had gained popularity last Ramadan. The cost for the buffet is Tk 650+ per person. It also offers special packages for corporate clients. It further caters to non-corporate clients such as family guests. Khazana is taking bookings for iftar parties, and as an alternative to in-house dining, customers can avail takeaway boxes.

The media partner for the promotion is Radio Foorti, as it was with last year, which will be giving away Khazana gift coupons to the listeners in the month of Ramadan.

Take some time off this Ramadan, and make a point to swing by Khazana, be it for iftar buffet or for takeaways. It surely will be worth the go...

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed



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