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Glamour World
GLAMOUR World aesthetic beauty therapy solution and training center is the country's first beauty therapy school. The training includes treatments such as aesthetic aroma, laser skin treatment spa, full body wrap, hair treatment, diet control, manicure, pedicure, treatment massage and bridal package, etc., taught by an expert beauty therapist who with help from consultants. The owner, Shahrin J. Haque says it will arrange regular training programmes for both male and female beautification.

Under the sea…NOT!
IMAGINE- the year 2050. The polar caps have melted to a point where low lying countries like the Maldives has completely submerged under the sea. Bangladesh, about two-thirds well below the Bay of Bengal and the rest just awaiting to be engulfed by the wide Indian Ocean. People live in submarines and move about in snorkel gears.
Dramatisation? Certainly, but not completely from the pages of science fiction.
Global warming is an imminent threat that the earth faces today. As global temperature rises, so does sea levels. This puts the countries below the sea level under great risk of submerging within a period of only fifty to one hundred years.
In observance of Earth Day 22 April 2009, Transcom Food Limited's franchises of Pizza Hut and KFC has launched a campaign, a three sixty degree approach to the problem that the country might face soon. The campaign uses the visual of a pair of diver's fins as the promotional tool; a dramatized reminder for the audience. The campaign suggests being minimalist in using power, gas and water and avoiding using vehicles and air conditioners whenever possible.
The ground activity is the presence of real snorkel swimmers in real diving gears in all the Pizza Hut and KFC outlets. The divers would walk around tables, distribute brochures and answer questions. The brochures handed out suggests ten ways in which people could contribute in cooling the earth down and maybe in the process help to save this green delta of ours.



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