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Space and Décor

“SPace and Décor”, an exhibition of the works of Bishwajit Paul and Raton Sarker, is underway at Galleri Kaya, and will run till May 12. The exhibition was inaugurated on the evening of Friday May 1 by Nazrul Islam, the Chairman, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. Eminent Sculptor, Professor Hamiduzzaman Khan was present during the inauguration.

Paul and Sarker, both in their mid-thirties, are highly skilled artists who have had their works featured in exhibitions for more than a decade. Bishwajit Paul is a freelance artist and Raton Sarker is a lecturer in the Arts and Craft Department of Dhaka Residential Model College. In this exhibition that is underway at Galleri Kaya, they have showcased sculptures and engravings in terracotta, wood, ceramic, and cement. The director of the gallery, Goutam Chakraborty, said of the exhibition and the artists: “We wanted to showcase the skill of these two artists. Usually, we focus on how artists have spoken in new languages, the innovations. This one is about the skill needed to produce works of art, and these two are very skilled in the media they have used.”

A big part of the appeal will be the terra cotta pieces, an art form that has a long history in our country, and is used as decoration pieces in many homes. “As the title of the exhibition suggests, décor is a big focus. There are many items here that are functional, like terra cotta mirror frames and certain sculptures which are arranged as a water fountain and can be used as garden decoration. There are sculptures which can also be used as lamps.”

The theme of the exhibition can be said to be one of simplicity, not in the skill or detail of works, but in the subjects they portray. All the subjects are primal and natural, with the feminine form predominating. Titles such as 'Mother', 'Woman in Nature', 'Couple', 'Resurrection', 'Shape and Form' abound and underpins the traditional, back-to-basics theme of the exhibition. Also, the predominance of the feminine in the pieces portraying humans enhances the organic, natural feel of the items on show.

The artistry is evident when one notices all the intricacies in pieces such as “Shape and Form”, done in terra cotta, “Dressing” in Ceramic, and “Women” engraved on wood, to name just a few. Even the pedestals on which stand some cement statues can be seen as pieces of art in their own right. Made of wood, they have been beautifully engraved by the two artists.

Most of the pieces are small wall hangings and priced at a range of Tk 6,000 15,000. Some bigger terra cotta pieces have price tags up to Tk 50,000. Most of the sculptures, except the wooden ones which have a value of around Tk 25,000, are priced at around the eighty thousand mark. The most expensive of the items on display is the water fountain sculpture of three children called 'Replica', priced at Tk 1.5 lakh.

The exhibition will be open from 11 am to 8 pm everyday till May 12. Located in Uttara, it is an exhibition worth going to one end of Dhaka for. The art pieces, a throwback to simpler and more primal forms of expression, will captivate visitors with their beauty and sophistication. For buyers, the exhibition represents the opportunity to beautify their homes or gardens. Either way, this exhibition is a must-see for all art enthusiasts.

Contact: Galleri Kaya, House 20, Road 16, Sector 4, Uttara.



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