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Short haircuts are 'in' in a big way this summer. Perfect way to deal with the heat and humidity is to chop off the tresses into a short stylish crop. Of course, to expect Dhaka ladies to do that is like asking for the moon so we have come up with some simple hairstyles that work for shoulder length and long hair as most of us sport longer hair.

The catwalks globally are showcasing simpler styles, which are accentuated with accessories like jewelled combs, feathers, flowers etc. to add a touch of drama. But beware! Too many things happening can make the style 'busy' so use just the right amount of accessories. Colour coding the 'extras' can look quite attractive too.

Stiff unnatural hairdos are out. Bangs and wisps of loose hair give the styles a softer look. Long earrings are 'in' and the perfect way to show them off is to wear your hair up.

Its important to remember that when in doubt about what to wear…wear less. Be it make-up, accessories, or jewellery. Its better to be understated than to look like a shop. The mantra this summer is 'Less is More".

Model: Anika
Makeup and styling: Sadia Moyeen
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Hair in summer
Getting a flashy new haircut is half the story to style. Unless you have the healthy, glossy hair to pull it off, the look could just bomb. Be good to your hair this summer, and it'll pay you back double.

* Don't skimp on the conditioner.
* Hair care products that advertise "replenishment" are designed to add moisture back to dry strands.
* Try avoiding excessive blow-drying or curling; let your hair air-dry on days when you don't have a fancy event to attend.
* If you're addicted to your hairdryer, use a leave-in conditioner for extra protection
* Opt for regular deep conditioning treatments to keep those roots healthy.
* Eat fibre


The quickest way to get a new look is to change your hair. Amp up your allure this season with a snazzy new hairstyle. Dramatic new cuts are rocking the globe this season. Pick the one that suits you best and get ready to make those heads turn.

The cropped bob
Short hair is probably the best option for the sultry weather, and starlets abroad, like Madonna, and Rihanna have been among the first to go short and trendy. The cropped bob is one trend that's picking up real fast, and there are two variations to this style. You can go for a simple, short bob with long layers and brow brushing bangs that can be casually brushed to the side. If you're feeling slightly daring, opt for a a graduated bob at the back of your head that has sweeping textured length in the front. There's a bob to suit every face shape. Select your fringe, texture or layers to suit yours.

The pixie
Mandira Bedi raised some eyebrows when she traded her long tresses for an uber-short chop. This was a look made popular by Rihanna a whole season back. This one consists of a super-short, boyish cut to create that whole fey fairyland effect. As with the bob, choose your detailing carefully in order to flatter your face shape. Bangs, side-fringes, layers, ruffles, all provide ample opportunity for diversity in this cut.

Straight hair with bangs
Lady Gaga made this dramatic look very popular, and this one's for medium to long hair lengths. Super straight (rebonded or ironed) hair is teamed with dramatic straight bangs to create the effect of a 'helmet'. This style looks best with face shapes that are long, or angular, so if you have a round face, it's probably not a great idea.

Curly girls
The exaggerated French curls of last winter have given way to more relaxed curls and loose waves this season. You can cut them in layers for more volume and texture, or wear them in a flirty side parting, but go natural with wispy, fly-away hair. The mermaid hair, or 1940's curls with the side part is a look that's very in.

By Sabrina F Ahmad


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