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Hair accessories

Like the importance of selecting the perfect shoes and purse to match your attire, it is important to select the best hair accessories that compliment your look. With accessories like hair slides, barrettes, crocodile clips, hair claws, clamps, pony tail holders, hair pins and headbands you can tune into a sensual style, or a glamorous shimmer, or just exemplify your simple casual style.

In this hot and humid climate when the heat wave is on the go, leaving your hair open can be a great hassle and source of discomfort. The best style for the summer season is to tie it up in a bun or a cluster and claw it high above the neckline.

Hairpins serve the purpose best. Hairpins are perfect for securing big bangs parted at a side or for adding a well-planned sparkle to a messy twist. Longer hairpins can be an alternative option for headbands. The short sticks generally measure 3 1/2" in length with a beautiful topper that adds another few inches for a total length of 4 inches.

The toppers are available in various materials ranging from wood danglers to gem clusters. Gem-encrusted hairpins will cost a bit more and are widely available at the ground floor of Eastern Plaza. For a wider line of variety with sassy designs, Almas Super shop is the best place to go. If you want silver or bronze hairpins with an ethnic style, then Piran is the ultimate pick.

A must-wear hair accessory is undoubtedly hair clamps, hair claws, crocodile clips or punch up clips. These pieces are the handiest hair accessories, perfect for daily use. They simply go great with casual wear. Not only can they do double duty as a functional hair tool, but they can also add a simple but elegant shimmer to any length or style of hair. They can be used as functional hair accessories to hold hair neatly in place, twists or buns or to help control unruly tresses.

Gem or stone-encrusted clamps can adorn party attire to anchor a soft messy ballerina bun with added instant glitter. They come at quite reasonable prices and are widely available everywhere. New market is the spot if you are looking for casual clamps at a reasonable price. For crystal or stone ensemble pieces, Kholtai of Anam Rangs plaza, Priyo General Store, Anan, Rochona in Genetic plaza are worth a visit.

Among other hair accessories, barrettes, headbands, jewellery, hair combs, ponytail holders, bun holders are the commonly used ones. Headbands wrapped seductively around undulating waves and ringlets spark up a great style. The most casual and sensuous ones are available at Thai Gift shop of Anam Rangs Plaza.

Barrettes can be used as a functional hair tool to hold back a sweep of bangs or a few strands of hair at the back of the crown. Barrettes can also be purely decorative adding glamour and glitz to a simple but elegant style.

Eastern Plaza meets the need for classic barrettes at quite an affordable price bracket. Wearing the hair up and back also shows off a gorgeous neckline of necklace. This hairstyle would work perfectly with one or a series of pony elastics to dress up the look. If you prefer a romantic up-do with a touch of glamour then slide a stone studded hair comb clip, which gives you the carefully careless look. These are sold at most of the shops of the prominent shopping malls and are priced quite low.

Hair accessories are available at almost every shopping mall of the city, but for a more narrowed down clustering, you might opt to decide on the type of hair accessory you want to buy and shop accordingly.

By Zannatul Lamea


It's a cinch!

Not since Jackie Kennedy has the world been as fascinated with a First Lady. While we wait and watch if Obama can bring in the changes he promised, all eyes are on his wife Michelle, who's brought into the White House a youthful, energetic personality, and a very unique personal style. The one thing that style mavens all over America and around the globe are paying particular attention to, is Mrs Obama's collection of belts. From chunky waist-cinchers, to narrow hip-huggers, this sassy fashionista has already blazed a trail with her belts.

Belts have been documented for male clothing since the Bronze Age. Both sexes used them off and on, depending on the current fashion, but it was a rarity in female fashion with the exception of the early Middle Ages, late 17th century Mantua, and skirt/blouse combinations between 1900 and 1910. All that has changed today, however, with belts being an important fashion accessory for women as well as men.

In Dhaka, belts are now part of the grand trend in terms of fashion for women, and they are available at many places around town. With a huge variety to choose from, you can easily incorporate them into your wardrobe for a look that's funky and fresh. Here's how:

High or low?
Belts came back in a big way ever since hipster jeans hit the market. With the waist-bands creeping upwards again, and flirty dresses ruling the season, there's a lot of room to slap on your belt, whether you're wearing it right under your bosom for that empire-line effect, cinching your waist, or riding low on your hips.

Belts worn at the empire line should be skinny and simple, so's not to spoil the silhouette. You can use a flirty sash on your babydoll top, or tie a pretty ribbon around a wraparound dress for a girly effect. Go for a bright contrast to a muted neutral for an effect that goes pop!

There's more scope for variety on belts worn at the waist. You can wear a thick or thin one with a high-waisted pair of trousers, add definition to separates like a skirt and shirt combo with a nice chunky belt. Add a little drama to a sheath dress with a silk sash. For a little variety, tie a scarf cummerbund-style around your waist, over a long-sleeved shirt, teamed with pants or a pencil skirt for that corset effect. Or wear a thick belt with a large buckle over a short shirt-dress, and slim-fit capris, for a look that's very metro.

Low-slung belts emphasise the hips, and have room for plenty of drama. Throw on a fat, plaited belt in a bold, metallic over a pair of hipster jeans and a neutral top for a sassy, strong look. Or get an extra long crocheted or chain-link belt that dangles over one side for a Boho-chic effect. Since short pajamas and long kurtis are in vogue this summer, add a touch of fusion by teaming the ensemble with a skinny belt at the hip.

Get em at...
Of course, if you are looking for something that's exclusively part of designer wear, you could check out places such as Cat's Eye, Westecs and Yellow. AnDes also has a small but nifty collection of belts. Celebrations at Pink city also has a small but substantial collection. Also, the all time favourite place to go clothes shopping for many a people here, is Bongo and the markets opposite Dhaka College, where although you will have to do some pretty hefty digging around and bargaining, its all worth it when you come away with amazing finds and even better bargains!

If you're not satisfied with the pickings available in the market, get creative and make your own belt. From neck-ties to stoles, you can use a number of innovative fabrics and closures. Skip the buckles and opt for bows, hooks and snaps, or trade the usual leather wrap-around for stretchy elastics, cummerbunds, silky obi sashes, or even crocheted sashes. The belt is this season's hottest accessory, so make sure you find the right one for you and own it!

By Sabrina F Ahmad and Farina Noireet

On The Cover

With a couple of super blockbusters just released, great concerts in the mix, and the coolest fashion trends, summer's a season that gives us food for much anticipation. Join us as we kick off the fiesta by checking out the wickedest hair and accessory trends.
Photo courtesy: Farzana Shakil


Balding issues

Sometimes, not very often, I stand before the mirror and take a good look at myself. The 'hairy ape' or 'the missing link' (as some friends call me) that I see standing before my eyes is not a pretty sight. The careless and carefree beard only proves my friends' stance, but one point stands against their claim, proclaiming my proximity to human kind rather than our hairy cousin - my receding hairline. Now who has heard of a balding ape! Monkeys and cavemen (if cave paintings are of any clue) lacked testosterone and hence their long curls. I, on the other hand am a virile youth in mid twenties, short (well Napoleon was short and that didn't stop him from conquering half of Europe) and fat. I prefer to call myself horizontally challenged rather than fat or obese, as my doctor points out.

I am not dwelling on my insecurities, if that's what you are thinking. I am content with being fat and hairy, but my hair…MY HAIR!

A recent study in the United States showed women find bald men attractive. Girls, are you reading? Bald men are sexy, we stand amidst the crown of handsome men, and not alone in any way.

Women have it easy. They do not bald. Yes, they have one hundred and one complaints- split hair, hair fall, yes…but except for the very few, unlucky, clinical cases the fairer sex does not bald!

And so they are free to tease, ridicule and demean the unfortunate bald-in-twenties lot amongst us.

Some of the musicians of Bangladesh have found an excellent way of concealing their balding head. They simply wear a cap; some wear a hat! And they vow to never take it off. Do they sleep wearing a cap? I sometimes wonder.

I mean what's the point people! If people can age gracefully, we must also learn to bald with grace. If we make our stand, women and the traitorous lot of men (with hair) will stop the ridicule and the bald-teasing. But most importantly, we must not give in to our growing insecurity and stop feeling low. Balding is a natural part of aging, and we should accept it as it is.

By Pothbhola



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