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Iftar Soirée at Dhaka Regency

On August 25th of 2009, a glorious Iftar party was thrown by the General Manager of Dhaka Regency. It was an opportunity for all of about five hundred of its attending guests to enjoy a feast with old acquaintances and the new, in a relaxing environment.

Ramadan is a time to come together as a holistic society where rich and poor stand undivided. It is a time where we take pleasure in breaking fast and having a meal with even those we normally do not have the chance to meet and speak to, just for the sake of pleasure. And when there is an occasion where you can enjoy the cultural excuse to celebrate harmony, Dhaka Regency makes sure that it holds a magnificent jamboree to make the best of the whole notion.

Ramadan in Dhaka Regency has always been observed by a series of its own Iftar parties where many well-known personalities are invited to break fast over an extravagant feast. This year was no exception; the first of these banquets that has been held was grander than ever. Dhaka Regency's celebrations keep getting better with time.

“Our internal motto is that we never stop,” said General Manager Shahid Hamid. “We love entertaining and the month of Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to gather together and enjoy a bit of harmony.” He adds that Dhaka Regency will be holding several such get-togethers throughout this month.

By M H Haider

Eric's Bistro

If you have a craving for mouthwatering biriyanis, then this Bistro may just be what you were looking for. Allow me to tantalise your taste-buds…Kashmiri, Ajmeri, Hydrabadi, Lakhnowi, Peshwari, Afghani and the list of biriyanis offered goes endless? If you prefer local treats, Eric's also offers traditional non-vegetarian curries, non-veg delights and to top it up - luchi and parata.
Surely, Eric's Bistro will make a mark on the culinary delights of Dhaka.
Address: 3/1, Fatema Arcade, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi #5. #9669772



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