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The Girl

As the weeks roll on, Star Lifestyle continues with its endeavour in trying to help you get that desired 'glam' this Eid. This week, we present another pair of examples for styles for both men and women; looks that are both hip as well chic!

Here we go, loop the loop.

Hoop earrings never really go out of style, adding a sense of fun to any casual outfit. The extra-large hoops have gone back to a more manageable medium size this season.

I'm craving you like candy
There's nothing like a sugary pink lipstick to create a youthful look. Keep those pouters moisturised with chapstick, to maximize the allure of the cheery shade.

Curly Girly
Short hairstyles such as the bob and the pixie have been reigning supreme throughout the year. Soft baby curls add allure to these unfussy do's. Rub in some hair serum to still-damp hair to make the curls set nicely and reduce frizz.

Just bead it!

Beads and multiple strands are both rocking the jewellery trends this fall. Go for one large strand that you can loop over a few times and still have it hanging low. Try to avoid wearing this with large prints, as it looks messy.

Model: Trina
Wardrobe: Anokhi
Photo: Apurbo
Styling: Farzana Shakil

The Boy

Emerald city
A bright foresty green will make eyes pop this Fall. Trailing ivy motif adds to the whole envy theme.
Add some visual interest to a boring ensemble through creative layering. Team a panjabi with a dhoti, and throw on a long coat for a look that just screams zamindar chic. We're liking the bold, solid colours too.
Botua boy
Who says totes are just for girls? Throw on a graphic-printed botua with a long strap, over your shoulder, and your cellphone will be right at hand.
Asymmetrical angles
Tired of those boring panjabis with their unimaginative, straight hemlines? Break a few rules and go asymmetrical. It's an instant pick-me-up.
Orange pop
Be a little bold this season, and try out a colour you've never worn before. Bright hues of orange, electric blue, and purple will ensure you've got all eyes on you when you strut your stuff this Eid

Model: Asif Khan, Zamsad
Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Wardrobe: AnDes


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