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I face a lot of problems because of my facial hair. It also grows very fast. How should I thread at home? It is simply not possible to go to a salon on a frequent basis to get them removed.

Dear Tashmia,
How about using facial hair removing cream? Tweeze the eyebrows and use Nair for the rest of the face. Threading yourself is difficult and impractical with high chances that you will ruin the shape of your eyebrows.

Does applying oil to your hair have any benefits? How is it different from using conditioners?

Dear Omar,
Applying oil has many benefits. Oil is food for your hair as it moisturises the scalp. Massaging it into the head increases circulation whereby making the scalp and hair healthy and strong. It keeps dandruff and other such problems at bay.

Conditioners are used to make hair more manageable and softer. They also detangle the hair.

They replace moisture to the hair, especially after the use of chemicals. Conditioners are excellent for the hair whereas, oil is excellent for the scalp as well as the hair.



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