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LS Special

...to the red and the green!

Sometimes the deepest emotions and feelings of a nation are expressed in the simplest of social actions. Last week, as our car approached the Kakoli rail crossing, I saw a thelagari carrying a sizeable shipment of bamboo manned by four men who were all struggling to push the cart up the slope of the crossing. At one point they could push no more and were locked in a stalemate of man against the laws of physics.

From a nearby car, a well-dressed man got out and threw in his weight behind that of the other four men. The cart began to budge.

Seeing this, three more pedestrians joined in, and from amongst them came a jovial cry that roughly translates to, “16th December is upon us, let's push on!” They managed to push the cart up the slope, after which the helpful bystanders went their own way.

The sentiment did not resonate within me till a while later; how apt it is for the day we are about to celebrate. I did not realise it till I wondered what might have brought about that utterance regarding our Victory Day. Only then did it dawn on me that it was the joining together of people from different walks of life to achieve a common goal, in however trivial a form. Unity.

This same unity bled from the souls of our Freedom Fighters as they fought the nine-month war to free this country from the tyranny and exploitation of West Pakistan rule. Countless were raped and murdered, but we, as a nation did not back down. On December 16, we remember that we did not bow down to injustice even when it was perpetrated by those with much more military might.

Instead, we defeated the injustice. That is the stuff of legend, but it is also fact, the pride of which made the man call upon the spirit of Victory.

The episode at the level crossing also reminded me of a misconception that we have about ourselves. It is often said that Bangladeshis are a fragmented, disinterested bunch who will accept whatever is thrown at them.

However, in our history there have been numerous instances of ordinary people making a decisive stand against injustice: 1952, 1990 and 2006 to name just a few. December 16, 1971 stands above them all. We must celebrate not just by looking back at the glory of that day, but also looking forward as those who fought for our freedom must have done.

Let us all push that cart up the slope.




On The Cover

December 16 comes, bearing with it a rise in national pride. Some choose to celebrate it by wearing the patriotic colours, while others frown on this apparent slight to the gravity of the day. Join us as we interview a cross section of people on their views.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayeed
Model: Sanjana Rahman
Styling: LS Desk

News Flash

The country of red and green...

Deshi dosh' celebrated 16 December through an exhibition of their latest collection and projection of films based on the Liberation War.

The Victory Day collection is now available at all 'Deshi Dosh' outlets.



Colours of Victory and Freedom dominate the new ensemble of designs by Foring, a boutique that strives to offer garbs that stand apart from convention through urbane selections of colour, bold cuts and exquisite execution of patterns and motifs.

The price range is flexible enough to cater to an average budget as well as meeting the need of those who only seek the exclusives.
Available at Foring's Mohammedpur and Rankin Street outlets.


16 Dec with Ponkti

Ponkti commemorates the upcoming Victory Day by re-introducing their signature tee shirts bearing patriotic slogans. These screen printed tees, were first launched in 2007, where it was received with much enthusiasm among the aware, youth of our nation. Also by Ponkti, in celebration of this month only, are available more tee shirts with six individual designs that uphold features and faces that represent the sacrifice that lead to our sacred victory.

Address: 88, Aziz Super Market (1st floor), Shahbag and 312, Mezba Uddin Plaza (2nd floor), Mouchak. Tel# 028615546, 01711155404.



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