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A night of fashion

THE mercury dipped low over Dhaka on December 10, but things were heating up at Dhaka Club as some of the industry's most prominent names brought their work to the ramp at a fashion show there, organized by Marico Bangladesh, and sponsored by Kaya Skin Clinic and Aromatic Gold.

The event, meant to showcase the make-up sophistry of Farzana Shakil, as well as to introduce the special services of the Kaya Skin Clinic, featured make up by Farzana Shakil, and choreography by Shahrukh Amin.

The program, MC'd by Mishu Rahman and Azra Mahmud featured a colour based theme, where a set of designers worked with a specific colour. Saris in jamdani, katan, and silk hit the catwalk as Ruby Ghuznavi of Arannya Crafts and Chondona Dewan of Chondan's opened with the Blue queue, which was followed by White, featuring the works of Almira, Anokhee, and Virgo. The common feature of this particular line happened to be in long hemlines, although the overall cuts varied between Mughal chic and a-line. Emdad Hoque, Jatra and Shadakalo came next with Black and Grey, bringing panjabis, fotua-and-trouser ensembles, and kurti and skirt combos, all in indigenous fabrics. This made way for a rather flamboyant Green queue, featuring the works of Panam, Rang, Shabana Ali, and Tootlie Rahman. Peacock feathers fluttered on fans and fancy updo's as the models strutted their stuff in a variety of shades, ranging from dark olive, to cool watery chartreuse, and bright emeralds. Pride and Tangail Shari Kutir upped the ante with their Pink and Purple lines in silk and jamdani respectively. The final Red queue featured work by Bibi Russel, Maheen Khan, Aneela Haque and Kuhu, each of whom presented her signature style, leaving no doubt in the minds of the audience that they belonged to the A-list in the scene here.

The show was followed by a raffle draw, where 6 lucky winners walked away with a copy of Farzana Shakil's "Looks", right before dinner, and ended on an explosive note with the energetic Mila treating the guests to a rocking time.

By Sabrina F Ahmad
Photo: Zahedul I Khan

Fashion for a cause

THE Acid Survivors' Foundation (ASF) and the Australian Commission hosted the 'Projapoti Christmas Collection 2009 Charity Fashion Show' on 11 December 2009, displaying clothing and other fashion accessories made by acid violence survivors. This was ASF's designed project to help the acid survivors regain their self-confidence and skills through vocational training in fashion and clothing production through the formal inauguration of “Projapoti Fashion Design Training House”. “Projapoti” project helps their social and economic re-integration through small enterprise training.

“Projapoti” has produced a limited edition fashion line of handcrafted products all made by acid survivors themselves during the training period. Acid survivors together with Australian Youth Ambassadors and students from the NSU Earth Club walked the red carpet modelling various tunics, panjabis and shirts, as well as other accessories.

The principle philosophy behind the fashion show constitutes “we are equal to each other” and “together we can make a difference”. The “Projapoti” or butterfly label was chosen by acid survivors for the fashion project to symbolise the transformation and inner growth that survivors go through to realise their potential, taking flight from a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

Technical assistance for the show was provided by Beauty Expert, Kaneez Almas Khan from Persona Beauty Care and by Fashion Designer, Emdad Hoque from Banglar Mela. Bitopi Advertising Limited designed the “Projapoti” logo.

The event was organized through the joint effort of Option, with special gratitude to the fashion designers Rowshan Ara Begum and Swati Bhuiyan and project manager Tineke Kemena.

Australian High Commission in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands and the Canadian International Development Agency are the core donors of ASF.

ASF has devised several projects to help survivors to reintegrate into society. All proceeds from the fashion show will do back to sustain the fashion design house “Projapoti” a project to develop survivors as entrepreneurs.

By LS Desk
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


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