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How to lose the extra holiday weight?

Watching your weight, especially during the delicacy-indulged holidays and festive season is anything but simple. Even for the direst of health junkies, this can be quite a mean feat! But here's how:

No quick-fixes: That means no miracle diet pills, no fad diets. Do the work the real way and you will benefit greatly.

Set an attainable goal: Goals that are too lofty or overwhelming can feel defeating when we aren't immediately gratified with results, a common culprit for stopping before the finish line.

Don't starve yourself: Eating smaller meals throughout the day, will help avoid hungry binges and maintain your metabolism.

A few more quick tips that are certain to help you shed that holiday weight are to:
Replace soda, alcohol and juice with water.
Get at least eight hours of quality sleep at night.
Stay away from fast food and limit dining out.
Pack a lunch for the office.

Squeeze in extra exercise by walking at lunch or while on the phone, or doing push-ups, lunges and squats during TV commercials.


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