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If you take the escalator from the ground floor to the lobby level of The Westin, your eyes are bound to catch glimpses of an irresistibly adorned shop, 'Pebble'. The huge flowers by the windowsill-in hues of pink, blue and orange- will surely beckon you into the brightly lit interiors of Pebble, the latest venture of "Hathay Bunano".

The shop is named after the brand 'Pebble', an exclusive line of adorable handmade toys, clothes and accessories from Hathay Bunano, for babies and children up to the age of eight.

As a social business enterprise, Hathay Bunano currently employs around 4300 women in rural areas around the country and all products of Pebble are handmade by this dedicated labour force. In addition to the favourites from Hathay Bunano, the shop adds whole new ranges with large crochet turtles, dinosaurs and great polka-dotted crochet tea sets that can light up any little girl's face.

The rattles in shapes of owls and octopuses are indeed unique. They are available in a range of soothing colours and make great companions for infants. Particularly popular is the pink owl rattle that has already proved to be a great hit among children and surprisingly, among lovable furry pets too! Adorable baby t-shirts and sweaters are also available in the cutest of colours, with crocheted appliqué done down the front.

Pebble is a brand that is available locally and also exported to countries like UK, Australia and the USA. Quality is therefore of the highest priority and it is evident on the tightly knit handwork done on all the items. The prices, however, are very reasonable and the brand provides great value for money.

Most toys are available within a range of Tk 500-1000, while neatly packaged baby t-shirts will cost around Tk 300. Colourfully knit badges and key rings are found between Tk 50 to 100, right up to the cutesy basket with mattress, pillow and linens for Tk 8000.

The shop also thoughtfully stocks soap gift sets from Sacred Mark Enterprise and handmade wrapping paper and greeting cards to prettify gift items.

You can check out the Pebble merchandise on their Facebook fan page. The catalogue is already uploaded there so you can make your pick before you visit the shop. And if you are in the vicinity, do visit Pebble as it will surely bring a big smile to your face!

By Wasia Mehnaz



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