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News flash

Fragrant elegance from S T Dupont

PRESTIGE Bengal Ltd., Bangladesh's leading perfume distributor, has introduced the exclusive line of S T Dupont Intense in a launch event held at Lake Shore Hotel in Gulshan on May 4. It was a lavish event; with the assembled press shown a slideshow highlighting the perfume's excellence. Samplings of the bewitching fragrances were also offered.

Intense, the new fragrance from S T Dupont, embodies the house's sense of evening elegance with two fragrances for men and for women, evocative of luxury, sensuality and Parisian chic.

The women's line combines the luminosity of flowers with the carnal intensity of warm materials, with top notes of Bergamot, Neroli, and Crushed Leaves Accord; the heart notes are formed by Orange Flower, Absolute Rose and Mimosa; and the bottom notes consisting of Sandalwood, Amber, and Milky Musk. The fragrance is like an olfactory embrace, tinged with a whiff of seduction.

The men's version is no less enticing, with top notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Lavender, heart notes of Orange Flower, Saffron and Blond Leather, and bottom notes of Benzoin, Cedarwood, and Tonka Beans leaving a subtly virile trail with a forceful character.

This line is meant for evening wear, and the bottles reflect this. Shaded dark blue for the masculine version and dark plum for its feminine counterpart, they evoke a night-time vibe. The shapes, initially created for S T Dupont's 'Classique' line, were inspired by the iconic S T Dupont lighters.

S T Dupont Intense for men and women is available at Prestige Bengal's showroom, Paris Parfums.


A cup of goodness

ON a virgin land of Tetulia, Panchagarh, Kazi & Kazi Tea planted a dream that grew greener, bigger and fresher everyday. They started with a simple philosophy: to produce great tea by supporting the natural and social environment. A land, barren and deserted, eventually changed into a lush green and natural heaven through organic farming. The end result was Kazi & Kazi Tea, one of the freshest and most flavourful teas…

Passion for Organic Tea
Drinking organic tea comes with a stream of health benefits. It helps anti-aging and also assists our body in fighting cancer. It helps reduce stress. It lessens the risk of stroke, lowers cholesterol level, strengthens the immune system, aids digestion, inhibits growth of bacteria in the mouth, and reduces blood pressure. Last but not the least, you can drink it without the fear of chemical adulteration.

Organic tea, simply put, means 'natural' tea. Kazi & Kazi Tea's drive towards sustaining a natural environment motivates them to cultivate a tea estate that produces only organic tea. In fact, Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate is the first and only substantial organic tea estate in Bangladesh.

KK Tea ensures that their entire process is environmentally friendly and natural - from using natural pest and weed controls to maintaining the fertility of the soil. Indeed, they have been successful, since Kazi & Kazi Tea makes the only locally produced tea to be certified Organic by international bodies such as USDA and SDC.

Kazi & Kazi Teas
Currently, Kazi & Kazi offers three different kinds of tea. Tulsi Tea is a unique flavourful brew made from the leaves and blossoms of tulsi plant. A healthy beverage especially for winter to prevent cold and flu, Tulsi tea also contains important antioxidants that toughens the defence mechanism of the body and also lowers cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.

Kazi & Kazi Green Tea brings you the softness of Chinese brew with a sweet aftertaste. Made from unfermented leaves, green tea fights cancer and other diseases.

On the other hand, Kazi & Kazi Black Tea promises to bring back a 'forgotten time, when nature was at its most sublime'.

Leaves of black tea are made by drying them to black to attain a stronger flavour. Black tea relieves one from stress; it reduces the risk of cardiac arrest. Drinking black tea also removes bad breath.

Kazi & Kazi Tea is a premium tea brand. So much so, it sits alongside premium teas in the shelves of retail stores such as Harrods in London. Kazi & Kazi Tea is also the only Bangladeshi brand that exports to Japan and USA at a premium price.

Through social responsibility and an unconditional love for the environment, Kazi & Kazi Tea believes in doing good. Hence, when you are sipping Kazi & Kazi Tea, you are not simply having a cup of tea; you are drinking 'a cup of goodness' and becoming a part of the goodness itself.

Rejuvenate yourself today, experience a refreshing cup of organic tea, feel the ecstasy and delight of nirvana…from a cup of goodness.

By M H Haider

From exotic Thailand…

THE lure of Thailand is not limited to its rich history dating thousands of years; it extends to the scenic beauty of the nation, the hospitability of the people and the exotic delicacies that has ruled over the taste buds of people around the world.

Zooming on the gustatory offerings of the country, one is presented with an array of signature dishes, a tantalising experience that leaves the heart craving for more.

To present the rich culinary history of Thailand and to reaffirm the bond of friendship between the two nations, Pan Pacific Sonargaon, in association with Royal Thai Embassy and Thai Airways, has jointly organised a seven day long Thai Food Festival that began on 5 May and will continue till 11 May 2010.

A team of Thai chefs from Pan Pacific Bangkok have been flown in to prepare an array of mouth watering, authentic Thai Cuisine that promises real flavours of Thailand. A troupe of dancers has also been brought to showcase the equally compelling cultural tradition of the country.

Just right around the corner of Café Bazaar-the venue for the Food Festival- at the foyer of the Grand Ball Room and the hall itself, kiosks offer in display various products from Thailand. The country is renowned for goods that present great value for money and the Thai Trade Exhibition is no different. Presenting excellent quality products, from cosmetics, to kitchen utensils, shoes, beverage, costume jewellery and more, the Exhibition is a must-see!

With only a day left for the Thai extravaganza, tease your palate with some Thai Food, or taunt your wallet with some smart buys.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif



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