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In pondering ice cream…

THE gentle, yet incredibly persuasive tinkling of the ice cream cart bell brings back such wonderful memories of days bygone. The ice cream cart man would come by at noon, every Friday, when my brother and I were little and living in Mohakhali New D.O.H.S. Now that I come to think of it, Friday makes complete sense, because that was the one day when he was sure to find all his loyal customers at home; children were bound to stay home at least during the first part of a no school day. As soon as the distinct sound of his bell reached my ears from across the street, my brother and I would rush to my mother and ask her for some money, which we could splurge on the delights that the ice-cream man brought along. For me, it was always the two same types of ice cream- a luscious lemon lolly on a really, really hot day or a choc-bar on a not-so-hot day, when it felt nicer to indulge in something richer. And always, I would return home with a fully satisfied grin on my face, which, by then would have turned quite sickeningly green from the lolly that I had just had. Of course, as the days went by, and my brother and I grew older and we eventually moved to another home, we saw less and less of those wonderful ice cream carts. Yet, my thirst for the fabulous lolly is yet to be quenched, although my taste buds do seem to have shifted to a slightly different flavour, that is, the orange lolly. However, my personal all-time favourite has always been Polar's Penguin, an amazing concoction of toffee and vanilla, the fabulous creaminess and lightness of which, I feel, is yet to be outdone by another brand.

Come to think of it, almost everyone has an ice cream story to tell. Back in the days when my mother was a little girl, they didn't have Igloo or Polar, but apparently, from what she loves to tell me, she and her siblings didn't miss out on much. For even though they didn't have the Choc-bars and the Cornellis that we have today, their form of 'ice cream' was no less delicious. Their ice cream man also had a cart, but it was full of chunks of ice and syrupy stuff of the most exotic flavours and colours, and his customers always got a great show as an added treat, for he would expertly display his ice cream making skills, as he shaved the ice chips and poured dollops of thick condensed milk and syrups, all in a frenzy of colourful activity. Today, we'll probably call his version of the ice cream 'snow cones'. Unfortunately for us though, the simple, yet fantastic 'ice creams' that makes up the memories of our parents, is almost, if not completely obsolete. Some can still be seen around the vicinities of the old town and Dhaka University, but from what my mom tells me, it just isn't the same as the ones she grew up having. Go figure!

But, personally, I feel quite blessed to have been born in the day and age of such magnificent options around! From hand made kulfis that are carried around in aluminium pots wrapped with a bright red cloth and hung over the shoulder on a sling and sold for only Tk 10 a piece, to the most fabulously exotic flavours starting from Tk 250 per scoop at The Westin, modern day Dhaka is a veritable ice cream heaven for those who worship the sinfully delightful stuff! Ice cream companies like Igloo even go one step further by hosting an entire week of promotional events such as “all- you-can-eat ice cream buffets” for fanatics who simply can't have enough of the luscious stuff. And brand houses, in the likes of Club Gelato, Movenpick, Baskin & Robbins and Andersen's all have their signature flavours like the Swiss Dark Chocolate and Fererro Rocher that keep ice cream connoisseurs going back for more.

So while summer's still in full swing, what better way to lighten up a little and beat the heat then by indulging in utterly glorious, gooey ice cream!

By Farina Noireet

Dear Ms Khalil,
I am 30, married and currently unemployed. I would like to invest some money in stocks. Is it possible to do so through banks? I have heard that some banks offer financial assistance to small time investors interested in share business. Please elaborate.
- Nowrin

Dear Nowrin,
If you are a resident Bangladeshi and if you want to invest in the share market you have to open a Beneficiary Owners (BO) account with any brokerage house. List of brokers, company profile, daily news of companies, trading update and other information of the market are available on the website of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) at www.dsebd.org and Chittagong stock Exchange (CSE) at www.csebd.com.
All other necessary information with regards to investment rules and regulations are also available at the website of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at www.secbd.org.

Dear Ms Khalil,
I run a business related to the IT sector. I often need to make payments to foreign companies for software, web space and other associated matters. It is very difficult for me to arrange payments. Can I apply for a credit/debit card that will help me clear these payments secured and fast?
- Sultan Arshad

Dear Sultan,
You can make these payments through a card issued against an RFCD account. Please inquire with your banker on the formalities of opening a RFCD account. Once your banker opens the RFCD account you could avail of a credit card against the RFCD account and make international payments. However, all payments would have to be within the limits set by your Banker against the Credit Card.

Dear Ms Khalil,
I have recently completed my education in Marketing, BBA. What are my opportunities as a business student in banking? I have recently dropped several CVs in various banks but my heart is not inclined for banking. Can you help me?
- Shuborno Roy

First of all, if your heart is not inclined for banking then why venture in that path? On a general note, an MBA with emphasis on Finance and Accounting, has quite good prospects in banking. With a BBA in Marketing you could look into companies having fairly large or active Marketing Departments. These would be ideally in the Manufacturing and Telecom sector.

Dear Dr Khan,
I have recently been informed by a niece studying at dental college that women must pay extra attention to their oral health given the fact that hormones play a major role in our bodily functions. My youngest daughter is 14 and experiences swollen, and bleeding gums. I am going through my menopause (I think) and experience a burning sensation in the mouth as well as red, swollen and tender gums. Could this be that we are both experiencing oral problems because of the surge of, or lack of hormones? It would be most kind if you could kindly elaborate on this matter.

Dear Nasima,
Yes, hormones have a major role controlling different physiological body functions. Burning mouth represents a number of different conditions with different causes but a common symptom. Treatment usually depends on the patient and the cause. It is better to consult with a dentist or a physician to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Moreover, if menopause is the cause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be recommended.

Regarding your daughter who is 14, she is in her pubertal age. Pubescent women experience the onset of menstrual cycle. The production of sex hormones increase at this age, which triggers the dilation of small blood vessels in the gums that is seen as increase in redness, gingival bleeding and swelling. Moreover, the presence of plaque/calculus on the teeth can exacerbate this response. So it is better to maintain good oral hygiene habits learned at an early age, combined with periodic dental visits and cleanings.
Dear Dr Khan,

What are the contributing factors of oral abscess? How can we know if a bleeding gum is an indication of a major problem rather than a cause of brushing on a regular basis?
- Sadique

Dear Sadique,
Oral/dental abscess are at least of three types, resembling each other and differentiated only by their point of origin. Gum abscess result from injury to or infection of the surface of gum. Periondontal abscess occurs when an infection moves deep inside the gum, as in impacted teeth. The most common, periapical abscess, occurs in dental caries, when bacteria invade the dental pulp causing it to die, resulting in abscess formation if remain untreated.

Failure to treat the infected tooth can lead to serious infection like cellulitis or osteomyelitis or even Ludwig's angina, which is life threatening.

There are a variety of causes for a bleeding gum. A common complain of people in our country is bleeding during brushing. It is more likely to be due to lack of proper oral hygiene or faulty/aggressive tooth brushing. Other systemic causes include bleeding disorder, vitamin deficiency and anemia.
You should visit a dentist if you find your gums bleeding with some unknown cause or even with minor injury.

Dear Dr Khan,
Is their any nervous connection between the teeth and the eye? It is popular belief that dental pain radiates to the eye. Is that so? If yes, then what is the cause for this?
- Ivan

Dear Ivan,
The belief that eyes have a neural connection with the teeth is total nonsense. Although dental pain at times can become so intense that the sides of the face swell. This is due to acute infection and swelling related to the tooth. Still it is highly recommended to have a dental check up before any eye operation to exclude any active dental infection, which in some cases may spread to the eye.

Dear Dr Khan,
A few weeks ago I read a journal for senior citizens, which featured an article relating heart disease and poor dental health. I am a layman in this respect and would really appreciate if you could elaborate on this.

Thank you for your question.
People who have gum disease seem to be at a higher risk of having a heart attack. Poor oral hygiene leads to deposition of plaque around the teeth above the gum line. Always remember that gum disease is caused by plaque build up.

Although gum disease can often show few or no symptoms at all, it should always be taken seriously, because the bacteria that are present in infected gum can be dislodged and enter the bloodstream through cuts and sores in the mouth.

Once the bacteria reach the arteries, they cause arterial plaque to accumulate, thereby decreasing the blood flow to the heart. This increases the chances of heart attack and aggravating blood pressure. Recent studies suggest that the chances of heart diseases decrease with regular brushing of teeth, twice daily.

MY nephew, Nassef Ameen was born on May 6, 1999. He just graduated from Emmott Elementary School, located in Houston, Texas, USA. Last week he received the President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. This prestigious award is given to students who have been scoring A's at the end of each class year from Grade 1 through Grade 5 and also for getting 'commended' in TAKS test for 4th and 5th grade. Commended is scoring 95 percent or higher in TAKS (Texas Assessment Knowledge Skills).

Our family is extremely proud of his achievement.

I believe that no matter how great the odds, the love we give children is still the most decisive factor. Every parent and educator wants to be more effective. Apart from his parent's endeavors, the guidance and care he received from his school helped him get this great recognition. His parents tried balancing between hard work and mental relaxations for him to succeed in school. They were always supportive and encouraged Nassef to follow a regular routine. His mother made him practise handwriting everyday from an early age and made him write a page of how he had spent the day, a journal, before going to bed without fail. If you think they were too strict, take a time to ponder. They wanted their son to grow a good habit. Now he has all the important events that mattered to him recorded in his own clear handwriting. His parents have safely stored every little article he has written, every poem he has composed, every picture he has painted, every project he had successfully completed for his school.

They helped him to act on the innate wisdom he possessed. Luckily, Nassef did not stray away from his focus. To be successful, he was always willing to put forth the necessary effort to be competitive. He always wanted to do his best and now he has the right inspiration to carry on with the same focus and bring glory to him and his family in many more ways.

For parents who try to do “the right thing” but feel frustrated at every turn, or for teachers and caregivers who worry that no matter what they do, it is not enough, please be reassured that no deed of love is ever wasted, and that even the smallest sacrifice has lasting value and significance.

Is Nassef absolutely thrilled at his success…his picture says it all. And it is only the beginning! May the Almighty bless him always.

Check it out

Prima Hair and Body Care

SHE returned to Bangladesh two years ago, after a noteworthy career as cosmetologist at leading names like Supercuts, Redken and Lemon Tree. She boasted degrees in Cosmetology, her forte, from Learning Institute of Beauty Salon and also at the Christian Valley Institute, where she studied the art of make-up.

With years of training and experience Monira Bazlu Jhunu came to Dhaka to start her own salon, Prima Hair and Body Care at Gulshan #2.

Monira is enthusiastic and passionate about whatever she does or says.

“Prima is an outcome of my enthusiasm for the beauty industry. I started with a goal to provide the best facilities possible for my valued, local clientele who are usually offered only mediocre services.”

“I am proud to say that I offer value for money. Utmost care is taken to offer only the best possible service, and everything is done under my direct super vision.”

“I have trained the girls myself and they now have the knowledge to execute what the client wishes.”

Most people availing services at Prima are foreign nationals working in different UN bodies, embassies and non-government organisations, but Monira believes that the range of offers are well within the budget, given the fact that all her products are imported and tested to match specific skin types.

“Like I said, 'Its value for money.”

Prima offers a wide range of services, hair cut and styling, colour services, facials, spa to massage and bridal package.

Prima stands out a salon that is designed to offer help to those who need it. Women in the 2000s opt to stand apart in the crown. And Prima does just that…make you stand apart in the sea of mediocrity.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif


Tara Marka@ Bailey Road

FASHION house Tara Marka of Aziz Super Market is now a member of Bailey Road with the opening of their fifth outlet on 4th June 2010 at The Bailey Fiesta. Ex-captain of Bangladesh national football team, Dhaka Abahoni Ltd, Arif Khan Joy, launched the event. Other guests included Saifur Rahman Moni and Masud Khan Jonny, ex-strikers of the national team. Also present at the occasion was proprietor Taposhi Shaha, who personally welcomed all guests at the event. Address: 113 Aziz Super Market, Shahbagh Dhaka. #01912243631


Bangla Perfumes Launches its Third Outlet

ON June 5, Bangla Perfumes Distributors Ltd. launched its third exclusive outlet in Plaza A.R., Sobahanbagh, Dhanmondi. The occasion also launched new items from the world famous French brand, Azzaro.

A one-minute silence was observed in the grievance of the loss of numerous people who lost their lives in the inferno at Old Dhaka. Many media personalities, such as Sharmin Lucky, beautician Farzana Shakil, designer Shahrukh Amin and Lux Beauty Moonmum to name a few, were present in the ceremony. Perfume World also unleashed two infamous new perfumes from the French house of Azzaro: Flixir and Azzaro Pour Homme, both targeted towards urban men aged between thirty five to forty five. Also, the new outlet offered a daylong sampling option of the new products for those interested.

Bangla Perfume Distribution Ltd. has previously promoted brands like Gucci, Burberry,Cartier, Versace, Theirry Mugler, Valentino, Escada, Dunhill, Lacoste, etc. These perfumes can be found at all the three outlets, one in Basundhara City, one in Navana Tower and another one is of course, in its most recent outlet in Plaza AR.

By M H Haider


New venue

DEBASHIS Nabagata Design Studio has now moved to House #10B, Road #90.1A, Gulshan #2 Dhaka. The visiting hours are between 10 am and 6:30 pm. Individuals are requested to kindly make appointments before visiting the studio. #01190993353/ 01556318518


An evening with Nazrul

IN celebration of the one hundred and eleventh birth anniversary of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, 'Deshidosh', a business venture of ten leading fashion houses of the country, arranged a musical soiree, "Ami Tomarey Gahi Gaan".

On June 3, 2010 eminent singer Tanvirul Alam Shajeeb rendered some timeless tunes of the exponent of Bengali music, also highlighting on some of the lesser-known songs of the rebel poet.



ADDING heat to the world cup fever, boutique Shopnobaj has come up with two new designs of T-shirts, on Brazil and Argentina themes. The tees have been designed by Sohel Anam and Joy Shahrier. Priced at a meager one-seventy, these shirts are available at Shopnobaj outlet in Aziz Cooperative Market # 01716504582.


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