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Mariamah Collection

ROXANA Salam has launched her latest Mariamah 2010/2011 Collection at her showroom in Banani, an ensemble which was first displayed at the Dhaka Fashion Week 2010.

The new collection includes an exciting range of luxury and eveningwear abayas and accessories. Trims include imported lace, satin and silks with crystal embellishments adding a touch of glamour. The design concepts used are inspired by the rich craftsmanship of the East combined with modern simplicity. The clothes are designed so as to allow for comfort, freedom of movement and to ensure durability.

Mariamah is worn by Muslims and non-Muslims alike who enjoy Roxana's attention to detail. Her pieces are no longer simply fashion items, but clothes that have been designed by a professional for those that appreciate crafty design when they see it.

The label Mariamah was created specifically as a one stop solution for a look that is feminine and covered, in response to the need for well made and fashionable designer wear for the Muslimah to suit all ages.

The Collections range from the traditional concept of the abaya/jilbab to western styled separates - shirts, skirts, jackets and coats with designer scarves for all ages.

Mariamah has taken Kuala Lumpur by storm and has been featured in fashion magazines and on breakfast shows on local TV channels. The label has been taken on by several boutiques in KL, which has increased Roxana's list of overseas buyers, now spanning three continents. The label is now also available in London and New York.

There is a 10 percent special discount on purchases made or orders placed in the week of the 7 -14 August, 2010 inclusive.

Showroom: Roxana's DESIGO, House 50A, Road 23, Block B, Banani. #9882645, 01712850771, 9am-7pm.

Children Special

for your children

THERE is no doubt that festivities such as Eid are most enjoyed by children. It is the innocence and their tender age that puts children in such high spirits. And only through their happiness and joy, parents and families find pleasure and contentment.

They eagerly wait to buy new clothes and a sense of innocent rivalry goes on between children of the same age group. It is the quantity of dresses bought that becomes the talk of their simple worlds. However, such rivalries between siblings, cousins and friends of the same locality have now waned to a great degree.

Come Eid, traders and boutiques stock their inventory with various types of children wear. A market, governed by mostly imported materials, has already seen a rush of new arrivals for the coming festive season. Boutiques mostly featuring local fabrics and designs are also working towards showcasing the Eid Collection 2010!

New Super Market, adjacent to the Dhaka New Market, is a haven for those looking for bargain deals. This shopping destination stocks tops and skirts, frocks, and denim skirts for tiny tots! The dresses are available from Tk60 to Tk300.

For boys, there is an assortment of designs on T-shirts, trousers, bermudas and shorts, as well as many designs of pyjamas and panjabis which sell between Tk80 and Tk400.

The clothes are locally made of a variety of fabrics by various garments industries.

Opposite Dhaka College, on the east of Mirpur Road lies the haggler's dream destination --Hawker's Market -- comprising of two or three separate shopping centres, each selling an attractive array of export quality garments products both for children and adults.

At Nurjahan Market, dresses for newborns to mid-teens are available -- skirts, tops (both long and short) with trousers are available here from Tk100 to Tk300.

T and polo shirts, shorts and capris are also available from Tk80 to Tk250. All the attires are made of comfortable, colourful and quality fabrics.

Badruddoza Super Market, also a part of the Hawkers Market, is where pyjama-panjabi, sherwani-panjabi and kabuli sets for boys are sold.

The pyjama-panjabis are made from dupian, cotton and crepe silk with embellishments done with embroidery, embossing, hand thread and beads work. These dresses are available here within Tk450.

Rapa Plaza, also on Mirpur Road, sells dresses for children of all ages -- boys and girls. Imported attires from China, Thailand and India are sold here at fixed prices. Frocks made of georgette are available for children aged 6 months to 15 years, within Tk700 to Tk1200.

Sets of normal shirts and pants for children are sold between Tk750 to Tk1250.

Nandan earned its fame for selling children's dresses for boys and girls since its inception. Through their outlets at Dhanmondi Orchid Plaza at Road 28 on Mirpur Road, and at Anam Rangs Plaza , Shatmoshjid Road, Dhanmondi on Road 6/A, they sell casuals as well as formal wear for children.

Nandan made a name for itself for their fine collection of casual frocks and only later introduced party frocks. Other dresses are also available here at reasonable prices. For the coming Eid, Nandan has added a range of shalwar kameez to its collection.

However, if you are looking for a range of cotton products with delicate hand stitches then be sure to visit Aarong. Frocks and shalwar-kameez are found here between Tk300 to Tk3000. You can also pick shirts-and-trousers sets or pyjama-panjabi between Tk300 to Tk2,500.

This was just a pick from the range of stores and shopping centres available on the Mirpur Road. Look for yourself and make a pick for your loving angel!

By Mahtabi Zaman
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Ariana’s wardrobe: Nandan
Samin’s wardrobe: Personal
Model: Ariana Khan and Samin Faiyaz Rashik





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